Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hugs and Thank You!

I really am okay with this weigh in. I knew it wouldn't be a good one, due to my puffiness. And that is fine. I have one like this every now and again. It is how my bod rolls. And my life doesn't revolve around a number on my scale, so it's all good.

I should see a better number next week. :D

Busy day, today. I have a lot of stupid stuff that had to be done. Little, time consuming tasks that I put off as long as I can then just jump in and get to.

September is underway but you sure can't tell it by our weather. We had a brief and gorgeous little cool down but now the dog days are back with a vengeance. It was hothothot, today. I had to run the air all day and I almost grilled myself out on my patio when I stepped out to grill Summer squash for lunch. today. Blech! Hopefully, it will start really cooling down in the next few weeks. I seriously envy everyone who has Autumn in September. We don't get it until well into October, when the temps really go down and the leaves start changing.

Gah! My allergies are bad and my head is at a Cat 3.5 and is ramping up. I just want one frakking week... Just one without a migraine, please!

We aren't walking, tonight. I don't feel up to it and Husband is wiped. Seven of his crew called in sick. Seven of them! All on the same day. These are guys who have no vacation or flex days left to them. My husband's company has a fairly generous time off package with paid holidays off, paid vacation plus five paid flex/sick days they can use any way they like. One would think that would be enough time off for most people. Uh... No. These people use up all of their paid time off as fast as possible at the beginning of the year, then are calling in sick and leaving everyone else short and getting away with it. And they call in for BS reasons. I have told Husband that they need to cut the dead weight, get rid of those useless, worthless slackers and hire people who want to work and will actually come in to work. And then do their jobs without crying (literally crying!!!) and whining and complaining. You would think, especially in this economy, these arseholes would be grateful for a decent job with a living wage, excellent medical insurance and pretty nice perks like 401(k), retirement and all the services the company offers for free. But they are not.

What is it with people? They have no work ethic and have no sense of gratitude for anything. And, the worst part is, management can't just can these slackers and hire new crews. They have to go through a lengthy and torturous process to fire someone. (They are not Union.) They ahve to have a certain number of verbal warnings, written warnings and documentation up the wazoo before they can get rid of them. I feel sorry for Husband having to put up with all of that nonsense and having to go out and do their work, on top of all of his own.

Hey! I thought this post was gone for good. And I really bitched and moaned about it. But come to find out, Blogger saves unfinished work when you close or go away. Huh. Who knew. I still hate him for not listening to me, tho.

Just saying.


  1. yeah, it's the entitlement mentality and it's being fostered by certain types who I shall not name. Hope fully people will turn a corner with the attitudes soon.

  2. I wonder about this type of thing every time I get poor service and meet up with a worker that just doesn't seem to care about people. I would think in this economy they'd be happy to have a job, but seems like they are more bitter and inconsiderate than ever.

  3. Stop the h8 darlin'. It doesn't do one's body good, especially with a migraine on deck. Anyway, I totally agree with you on today's workers. I can't believe M got fired for something so stupid and yet they have idiots who can't fix a thing, who call off all the time, who steal time and money from the company. I imagine working in that heat doesn't do much for your husband's stress levels either. Hoping you get a cooldown sooner rather than later.

  4. Hope you're feeling better....

  5. You have a fantastic attitude about your minor ups and downs - love that! I'm going to try to emulate that attitude when I get hit with a bump in the scale. (Not "if," but when ...) Our lives shouldn't revolve around the number on the scale, and it doesn't, but I use it as a gauge to measure how I'm generally doing. Still, sometimes it creeps up there in importance, and your post reminds me to keep it in proper perspective. Thanks!

  6. OMG- Do our husbands work for the same company with the same protocol for getting rid of deadbeats?!? My DH thought he was canning two employees this week and come to find out HR doesn't think getting rid of veterans with the company is a good idea. Doesn't matter that their work is shit and they cause the rest of the guys to work even harder because of their lack of work ethics. It's awful and I feel so sorry for my DH for having to deal with that shit!! So, I feel your pain. LOL


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