Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Wants to Bail Me Out of the Slammer?

***If profanity bugs you, fair warning!***

 'Cause I am going to need it. Soon.

I had a blog entry about 85% done when suddenly dumb-fuck (AKA Husband) just had to check his e-mail. At that very fucking moment. No, he couldn't wait for me to finish what I was working on. It had to be rightfuckingthen.

So... I open a new tab, pull up Yahoo so that he can log into his e-mail account and warn him that I have an open blog entry in progress and not to open or close any tabs, because he ran the risk of messing up my blog entry.

Well, guess what? He just had to, in addition to checking his e-mail, check the distribution report for our Chapter 13. And then, yep. You guessed it.

I am so mad I could spit nails. You would think that a 45 year old man could follow simple instructions. =I mean... What part of "Don 't open or close any tabs" didn't he understand?


Why am I making such a big thing of it? Well, I am in misery. I have a Cat 4 blow in my brain, right now and my allergies are about to drive me over the edge. I am cranky as hell and I keep typing in Martain because when my head is raging shit doesn't run smoothly between my brain and my fingers. I will think I am typing one thing and look at my screen and totally unintelligible gibberish is everywhere. Just thinking about words to type hurts. And now, here I am trying to put together a new entry, thanks to Mr. Idiot of the Century and his complete respect for anyfuckingthing I have to say.


Anyhoozle. Thank you all for your lovely support and words of encouragement. They really do meant so much. I am totally okay with my not so hot weigh in. I know the source of it and since I don't live and die by the numbers on my scale, I am fine. I know that I am on track and doing what needs to be done and that is what really matters.

I was tagged for a blog award by Shrinking Blubeari and I will post it and my ten things and name recipients (shit! how did I manage to spell that with my brain imploding? lolol) when I feel more up to it.

I also have some new followers blogs to check out and a few mentioned in other blogs. But not tonight. lol Say, if you are following me and I haven't followed you back and you would like me to, please drop me a comment with your URL. I try, through clicking the little pictures and names and don't always find your blogs. Yes, I am a lame ass who can't do shit. And I am sincerely sorry. :D

Today was a pretty good day, food wise. I am nicely on target calorie wise. No walking for me, today. I just can't, when I feel like this. (If I already talked about this, I am sorry. My memory is all shot to hell, all I can remember right now is thuwump-thuwump-thuwump. (That is supposed to be what my brain sounds like, right now.)

Okay, I am going to go, now. The light from my screen is amking my eyes do funny things and my head expand and contract like big glass windows in a hurricane.

Speaking of hurricanes, everyone who is in the path of Earl, you are in my thoughts. Batten down the hatches and stay safe.

Good night, chickadees.


  1. Hello Ice Queen! I have moved back to Blogspot. Mr. Stalker has decided to leave me alone for now, and I can't remember my password at Word Press, so here I am!

  2. Oh my on the husband front. I can't imagine the rage you must have felt and the urger to hit him so hard he would see stars.

    Hoping your head and allergies get better.

  3. Thank God we have 2 computers....ugh. I would have been pissed too!


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