Saturday, June 12, 2010

Better, Today

Okay, I am not so freaked out, today and my perspective has shifted back into normal. I guess I needed to have a little meltdown, throw a tantrum to appreciate just how much better my life is, even after such a short time a such a small loss.

It takes an afternoon of unadvised eating to drive home just how happy I am eating right and taking better care of myself. :D

I had my customary two cups of leaded and some cantaloupe and yoghurt for breakfast and I am drinking lots of water. Weather permitting (we have a thunderstorm going, right now) I plan to take a walk, later.

It is cooler, today. Cloudy and thundery. I have most of my windows closed, it is that cool. I woke up this morning frozen under my sheet and ultra lightweight wool and silk blanket. I may have to toss my duvet back on my bed just for the next night or two. My cat agrees, he was all curled up against my body, trying to get warm when I woke up. lol

I got more followers blogs added to my blogroll. If you are a follower and don't see your blog on my blogroll, please, leave me a comment with your url and I will add you. I am not clicking follow, because stupid Blogger is confused and follows blogs for this site with my other Blog profile and I don't want to confuse my readers or clutter their blogs with my profile madness. lol But I am reading and adding you . I promise. :D :D


  1. A meltdown every now and then is normal. I wish it was cloudy and rainy here. Oh well.

  2. We all have momentary lapses into madness, darlin'. You are allowed!

  3. I hope you had an awesome walk! We all have to have frustrating times, but you bounced back in only a couple of days which is so impressive!!

  4. "Okay, I am not so freaked out, today and my perspective has shifted back into normal."

    Isn't it amazing how much of this journey is all about the mental??! I'm glad you are feeling better.

  5. Frustration is a fact of life on a weight loss or health journey. It's good to recognize it and wonderful to get back on track.


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