Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Y? It Isn't Happening

Okay, I thought that the Y was supposed to be uber affordable so that anyone and everyone in the community could take advantage of the benefits and programs.

Boy was I in for a shock.

I looked up our local Y and was gobsmacked at the membership fees. For my husband and I it would be nearly $600.00 a year. Uh, no. That isn't affordable for us. So, I will just continue walking for free.

I don't know that I am quite ready to start darkening the doors of a gym yet, anyway.

Oh well. It was an idea.


  1. Wow that is expensive. Walking is the best thing for you right now anyway.

  2. Our Y around here is the same way. There is also the option of the snooty private fitness club in town. That is a REAL no go!

    Our son joined at Rec Gym that is kinda old fancy pool or walking track, but then again it is only 25.00 a month, with no just pay your 25 bucks a month! IT is a real 'guy' place-weight lifting and basketball. Not the kinda place I would want to venture into with my oversize tshirt and sweatpants!

    So I go it alone! That G-d for streaming fitness videos!!!

  3. Good God - that's a lot of shoes and manicures. No freaking way - you are doing just fine on your own my friend.

  4. I dont know what your financial situation is like but my local YMCA has financial aid forms for people who want to join but cant afford the whole membership fee. :)

  5. our Y is the same too!
    from membership to swim lessons.

    le sigh.


  6. Yep, I remember looking into a Y membership when my kids were little. I think for a family membership it was somewhere around $65.00/month way back then. We couldn't do it either.

  7. Price aside, and I don't understand how the Y can charge so much either, you are ready for the gym. Yeah, there are beautiful people there, but yes, there are people like me and you that need to be there. You can do it, don't let "darkening" the gym stop you. Live it up. I take Zumba, and there is nothing funnier than my fat ass doing Zumba. But it's exercise, and it is helping me.

  8. Hi there,

    The Y is only affordable for low-income families so they can join. At least that's how it works here in Canada. They do a "credit check" of sorts and determine whether they can offer you a much lower rate. However, see if there are any community centers, or if someone you know has some equipment in their garage or something. Otherwise, I would sign up for a low-impact cardio class to start. These are all less expensive options. If you're a little more disciplined, you could do workouts at home with DVDs and veeeerry basic equipment.

    If you live in a humid place and are eating high-sodium foods like microwavable dinners, you are likely retaining a lot of water, but that's no biggie. You seem to be doing amazingly well, so keep it up and the numbers WILL go down, sooner or later. No matter what the scale says, what you are doing is great for you!

  9. Yikes on the Y cost! We don't live anywhere near one so I've never even checked into that. I have to say that walking is probably the easiest and most enjoyable exercise that I do (when I do any, lol!). Keep on doing what you're doing!

  10. Yepper! I am just going to keep to the trails for now. I am perfectly happy walking and will integrate other forms of exercise when I feel I want to. :D

  11. I've heard too that the Y can be really expensive. I have a gym membership but honestly I really prefer walking and being outside when I can. Which in California is most of the year so I'm pretty lucky. Hope you continue to enjoy the trail walks though!


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