Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot Hot

Our lovely little cool down has ended, temps are rising and the A/C is humming and blowing chilly air down the back of my heated neck.

Welcome to Summer in Arizona.

In other news...

I am doing well. I am eating well, staying well within my calorie range. In fact, lately I have been running a little low. But I got just over 1200, yesterday and should get there, today as well. I seem to have pulled away from my brief nuttiness and haven't had any more binge urges or needs to feed too much.

My head is bad, bad, bad, lately. I had an easy time of it and my headaches are back with a vengeance. Such is life. I'll live. lol

I am a little puffy, today. I had soy sauce with my veggies, the other day and I knew that was a mistake. I am trying to flush out the sodium before Friday. Blech! It sucks to get old and salt sensitive. lol

Tho I suppose it would suck more not to get old... :S


  1. Oh God I'm so sorry about your headaches. I had a migraine all day...ACK!

  2. Been dealing with more headaches of late myself so I definitely feel your pain. Hoping today is a much better one for you. We're supposed to hit 87 today. Seems awful hot for so early in the year. Hibernating indoors; what I do best!

  3. I agree about the heat. It's so miserable here, even my little dog stays on the A/C vent!

    When I know I'm going to eat sodium I will try to start the water flush even before I eat it. It seems to work for me better than waiting until the damage is done. (I'm older than you, by the way, so I get it about the water retention!)

  4. I think it got into the upper 90's today. Supposed to hit 100 soon.


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