Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In

Good morning, everyone. Hey, fellow Summer Challenge participants, don't forget that today is weigh in day! :F

I had a good week, methinks. I jumped on my scale this morning and had happy news.

362.2 pounds. Down 3.8 pounds for the week. I'll take it. :D

Yes, I am a bit puffed, this morning. I knew I would be... It is weigh in day, after all. lol Whatever. The scale is just a tool. Not my be all and end all.

It is a lovely day. It is warming up but not hot, yet. I am sitting here in my lightweight cotton knit tank night shirt drinking coffee and enjoying the soft breeze from my ceiling fan. I have some stuff to get done but honestly, I am in the mood to be lazy, today. I'll get to it. I might just take my time.


  1. What a great loss!!! Congrats!!

    Your day sounds like it is off to a very nice start...enjoy the rest of it!

  2. Thanks. :D

    I hope that you have a fabulous day, too. :D

  3. Nice Erika! That is a great amount for one week!

    Enjoy your day whatever you do.

  4. Woohoo!!!! I'd take that too - AWESOME LOSS!

  5. Thank you, Katie J and Drazil. :D

  6. Dang girl! that is great!! I lost another pound, making my total loss 14 pounds.

  7. Woohoo! Seeing changes on the scale do wonders for the motivation, don't they?


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