Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A New Day

And a new attitude. I shook of the dog shit day and I am moving forward. It is important to me that I learn how to not wallow in silly little problems and allow them to drag my arse down. Including those stupid chips. lol

I did manage to stuff my swollen dogs into my walking shoes, get them laced up and get out on the trail. I wasn't terribly comfortable, my feet hurt and my left hip was singing, (I need to remember to take some Advil beforehand, tonight) but I got it done. I won't lie, tho... I was so happy to see the Jeep when we hit the end of the trail. lol

The thing is, I don't see walking as something I have to do. I see it as something I want to do. I enjoy getting out by the lake, breathing fresh air, seeing the birds, smelling the flowers and the life and watery depths of the lake. I like how I feel when I am finished, my blood is singing and I am energized and have a nice sense of doing something really good just for me.

It is humid again, today. I am swelling again, today. I do believe that there is a correlation.

I am being a bit of a lazy whore bag, this morning. I have a ton of stuff to get done and I am sitting here, watching Hell's Kitchen and playing on the blogs. :p I'll get it done... ^^

Okay, I need to get some water and start sluping. *drowns in a water glass*


  1. Yep I have had one of these days myself. I love to walk and I have to fight my knee all the way. Have a nice day.


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