Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Doing a Little Redecorating

Hey there. :D

I decided to pop in a new background, for a bit. There are so many beautiful backgrounds and changing them is so easy that I have decided that I am going to give my blog a new look from time to time. I hope I don't confuse anyone with all the changes. :D

I have blogs to follow and to add to my blogroll. I have them faved an am reading them. I just need to take a few minutes and move them to my blogroll. That takes time... For some reason Blogger doesn't like it when I try to add too many at once and I end up doing one at a time so that I don't try to add a bunch, have the function fail and then have to start over. Grrr!

Today went pretty well. It wasn't too warm, open windows and fans kept my comfy all day. The less I can get away with running the A/C, the better. Electric rates in this state are scandalously high and it costs a pretty penny to keep cool, around here.

I was a little hungry/munchy today. I didn't get out of control but I did feel a little as if I could slip out of control. I suppose that I am going to feel this way, from time to time. I need to get used to it, not let it scare me and learn to deal. I didn't do any out of line eating, but did make a couple of high-ish calorie choices. Including a big bagel for about 300 calories. It was good, but not 300 calories good.

I finished out my day at 1626. Acceptable. :)


  1. Oh do I love this background!! I would use it if I knew how! LOL I get tired of same old same old on the blog.

  2. I love the changes! Very pretty and summery! Glad you had a good day yesterday!
    Sometimes you will have hungry days, but they will pass. Wanna know something I learned, that I did NOT want to believe ?
    Exercise can actually help to repress your appetite. Crazy I know, but try it! I need to more as well!

    Have an awesome day :)

  3. I like the new background. I need to change mine, but I hate to take to much time on it at work. I can not get a high speed connection at home yet so I am going to just keep the one I have for now. I think you did great on your calorie count. You are doing good.

  4. Sherry, changing a background is easy peasy. There are backgrounds that fit your blog and a lot for Minima. All you have to do is select your background and copy and paste the code. Then you go to customize, select layout, then add gadget. Scroll to HTML-Javascript, click on it and paste the code in the dialog box. Click save and boom! New look. :D

    Just Google Blogger backgrounds, there are lots of sites for all kinds of fun backgrounds and addons and so forth. :D

    This background and many others are formatted for Minima template. If you want to change your template, it is easy, too.

    Debbie, I would croak without my high speed Internet. lol

    Spaghetti Cat, I know. And I need to get more exercise. :D

  5. Love the background! Very calming and pretty!

    I can only imagine how ridiculous the electric bills must be in AZ. I'm in TX and we really have no choice, in my area, but to run the AC all the time from mid-spring through mid-fall. Otherwise our walls are dripping with water and mold is a serious issue. I learned long ago, after throwing away half my closet and shoes because of mold/mildew that it's just cheaper to run the AC. I'm from the desert in Cali and I miss being able to have the windows open and the fans running!

  6. I like the new look Erika! I used to change mine all the time but then treated myself to a blog makeover by the Blog Fairy.

    Have you done an update pictures lately? It has been a little while and I am sure there are changes to be captured :-D

  7. I think the blog background is very pretty! We have to run our AC all the time. Not just because of the heat and humidity but also because of allergies. You have a lot of insight into your eating habits, you'll beat this thing yet.


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