Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not Too Bad, Really

Hi-dee-ho everyone! I hope that you all had a restful night's sleep and are not roasting too much, today. :D

The following is a lot of rambling and I wouldn't blame you if you skip it. Seriously, I am just nattering out loud, here. lol

I am well. I expected to be more stiff and sore than I am, this morning. I am just a tad more so than yesterday. I can definitely live with this. And no need to chew and gulp Advil. Yeah... Draz, not happening. lol I busted an Advil Liqui-Gel in my mouth, once. It tasted disgusting and my entire frakking mouth went numb for a long time. Not going to do that, again.

It is going to be a warm one, today. The Weather Channel is calling for a high of 95. Thankfully, it isn't humid, yet. It is "officially" the Monsoon Season but it hasn't fired up here, yet. But we are seeing it on the radar along the New Mexico/Texas border and moving Westward so, we will probably be getting some, soon. Ugh! I hate humidity! It drives me insane in a bad way. But I am determined, this year not to let it stop me from doing what I have to do.

One thing I really need to do is find alternate walk sites. Sites that have long runs of sidewalks that will be dry and safe, when the trails out at the lake are wet after Summer storms or icy in the Winter. I think I will look into whether my local mall has a mall walkers program. That would be ideal for the times it is too hot or too cold/snowy/icy to walk outdoors. I am also thinking of looking into the Y, for use of treadmills and so forth. I think that the Y is less expensive than a gym membership? Need to find out.

I also need a pedometer. I would like to be able to keep better track of distance. Especially if I am walking in alternate sites that don't have half mile markers.

I am going to go out to walk in a tank top, tonight. I normally cover up my fat arms, as they are not a lovely site. But you know what? I am thinking that it is no body's business but my own what my upper arms look like and if people are offended by them, they can look at the surrounding countryside. Same thing for me going out to walk without makeup. I don't normally leave my house without a full face of makeup but for exercise, it isn't good for my skin to wear all my war paint. Yes, I am very self conscious about my post acne discolouration and some melasma I have. I am also prone to a bit of redness, here and there and I get really red when I am exerting myself. Yeah... Not pretty. But again, if people don't like it they can look at something else. I am out there for me, not them. Screw what they think.

I need to go shopping for some better quality socks for walking. The socks I have have little nobbies in them at the toe seam and one has rubbed a little blister on my right big toe. It isn't a bad one and I should be able to put a bandage on it and be just fine. But dang it! I can't have my socks causing me pain. Until I can get some new ones, I m going to see what I can do with my socks to smooth those nubbies down so that they don't hurt me, anymore.

I am looking forward to jumping on my scale in the morning. Hopefully I won't be too puffy and I will see some downward movement in the number. However, if I don't I will know that it isn't a lack of fat loss. With my fluid retention issues, I am sure it will water weight related. Especially considering my upswing in exercise and staying on track with my eating. I am hanging well within my calorie target range, some days running a little low but nothing drastic... I am not ending below 1000 on any day. If I am a little low, I push it over with a Skinny Cow fudge pop or a yoghurt or some fruit or something.

What is really funny to me is my attitude towards food. It is undergoing a drastic change. I now savour and look forward to eating lean protein, whole grains, lots of fresh veggies and fruits and melons. I rarely drink diet soda anymore. I haven't "given it up", I just choose water and my beloved Crystal Light peach tea. I still drink my fully leaded coffee every morning and I have no intention to stop. I love my coffee and it isn't leaving my life.

I do eat processed frozen light dinners. I am not much of a cook and they give me some variety and flavour without my having to try to cook stuff I just can't make myself. And they are fast and easy. I would rather fire up my microwave than my stove, any day. lol While I am not nomming on nearly as much sugar as I used to, I still eat a little and even a bit of (GASP!!!!) HFCS. I know that it is The Evil *insert echo, here* but it is in my favourite lo cal salad spritzer and since I am not giving that up, I will just have to live with a little HFCS creeping around here. I don't ingest nearly as much as I used to, so I am not going to drive myself insane over it.

Oh! Long time readers of this blog may remember the pictures I took and posted months ago of a cat going after a big raven in a tree. Well, that tree was cut down, today. I am dismayed to see it go but I suspect it was necessary. It wasn't looking too healthy, this season and I suspect it was sick and had to be removed. Now I am happy I have pics of it. :D

Well, methinks this is already mind-numbingly long and boring enough so I suppose it is time for me to STFU for a while. I think I'll go read and catch up with all my loverly blogroll inhabitants.

Later, loves!


  1. You can find some pretty inexpensive pedometers but there is also which you can use to determine your distance.

  2. I always have my chubby arms covered-but the past few days have changed all that. It has just been TOO HOT!!!! I don't care~~~

  3. Just today I bought some CL peach tea to try. I thought it sounded very refreshing for these hot days.

    I do wish there was a Y near me. But I am at least 45 miles away from one. It's just me and my treadmill on the humid or rainy days. Sigh.

  4. I think it's great that your attitude toward food is changing. That way the weight that you lose will stay off. My husband has lost 40 pounds so far eating those light TV dinners.

  5. I always enjoy reading your thoughts. Never natter to me.

  6. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! <- that was me being really excited that you are going out in a tank top :) No words! You are awesome and there is zero need to cover yourself up. Hope it makes for a very comfy workout!


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