Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Funny thing. I fully expected to be madly, seriously sore and stiff, this morning.

I'm not.

I thought that rolling out of the sack was going to be misery.

It wasn't,

I have a little soreness in my upper thighs and a few muscles in my back and shoulders. But it isn't major. I am not gulping Advil and tottering around, as I thought I would be. I feel good, I have more energy and I am moving around better than I have for a long time. My hips, which have been hurting me worse and worse over time actually feel better, today. I have less pain and discomfort.

This is good. :D


  1. Yeah girl! that rocks, your BODY loves to go for walks!!

    hey it rhymed hehe :)

  2. LOL @ S CAT!

    That is great that you aren't hurting today AND you got some pain relief. Yay!

  3. Do not gulp Advil.

    Chew it first.

    Yes - I'm a dork. LOVE that you aren't hurting!

  4. I'm glad that you aren't sore today. That means you body is getting used to it.

  5. Fabulous fabulous! Hoping that today finds you feeling still pretty darned good!


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