Monday, June 28, 2010

BYOC Challenge ~~ Monday

Soooo... I promised in my BYOC Challenge to do light weight work on my arms today and Wednesday.

Well, I almost forgot. But I did get it done. I did bicep curls, shrugs, triceps thingies (don't know the name but do know the exercise) and rows. I used one pound weighted gloves and worked for about ten minutes. I plan to slowly increase number of reps, sets, weight and frequency.

I am a little sore, already but I feel good, too. I got nice and warm and lightly sweaty. And I am glad that I didn't bail on this part of my challenge.

And that you all won't be landing on my doorstep with wet spaghetti noodles. ;)

It is humid, today. Rapidly clouding up, too. I wonder if we are going to get rained on while we are out walking, tonight. That should make Husband happy. He thinks that he will melt like a cake in Macarthur Park if he is outside when it starts raining.

What a wuss! lol


  1. Yippee - way to go on meeting the BYOC challenge!

  2. You are doing awesome! I keep reading your posts hoping to get the motivation I need to get up and do some exercise, lol!

  3. Tell sissyboy to take an umbrella! As long as it's not thundering, that is.

  4. It started raining early this morning and rained at least 1/2 the day. It was wonderful. I need to get my weights and do some exercises too.

  5. SM, I am waiting for rain, here. :D

    Lanie Painie, Muahahaha! I don't mind if he carried one while it is thundering. Golly, did I say that? ^^

    Thanks, First Steps! Motivation will come. It took me a while, too. I knew that I needed to exercise but it was extremely sporadic for a long time. I would read blogs and hope for motivation, too. But I have learned that it has to be from within, when you are ready to go, you will! Be open and listen to your body and mind and they will get you moving. :D <3

    Thanks, Drazil! :D I still have Wednesday... I decided to up the ante to two days. :D

  6. Wet spaghetti noodles just sound like more humid; glad you avoided them.

  7. Good for you, I need to get working on my arms. Last time I lost a lot of weight I didn't do enough and had some flappage, plus that was about seven years ago so I don't think my skin will be as cooperative. Also, I love the new blog format, very festive! Then again I am a history teacher so anything red white and blue strikes my fancy!


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