Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Feel Good!

Da na na na na na na.

Like I knew that I would, now.

Da na na na na na na .

I feeel good!

Da na na na na na na na na.

Like I knew that I would...

Da na na na na na na.

So good! So good!  OoooWWW!

I walked two miles!

Da duh du duh da!

(That song running in an endless loop through your gourd, yet? ^^)

This evening we jumped in the Jeep and drove the few minutes to Willow Lake and walked on one of the many tails that surround it. I have been wanting to go out there and walk for a long time and I finally convinced Husband that we should go. It was a lovely walk. The lake is surrounded by many miles of smooth, maintained trails that you can walk, run, ride a bike or a horse on. And there are markers at half mile points so that you know how far you have gone.

We started out on Willow Lake Road and hit the trail and walked along the lakeside. The plant life was so lush and full, flowers were blooming everywhere. As we walked along, thousands of tiny, iridescent dragonflies rose from the greenery and flew along with us for a pace or two, then settled back into their plants. A ways off the trail, a rattling sound drew my attention. (Rattling sounds in this state can mean trouble... lol) It was this big, honking big mama-jama dragonfly. It looked to be the diameter of a small salad plate. It was stunning.

As we progressed we came to a spot where huge glacial boulders had formed a natural narrow spot, soft with sand and shaded by the huge rock formations and some big trees. There is a bench for those who would like to sit and enjoy their surroundings or contemplate their navels for a little while. As we passed the bench, a few annoying bugs started to buzz my ears. My ponytail came in handy at that point. A quick switch of my head and no more bugs. :S

We continued past there and soon saw the first half mile marker. Then we walked along, in the shadow of Glassford Hill and enjoyed the beauty and the swiftly setting sun. A ways further on, the trail took a sharp downhill and then leveled out and crossed a bridge. A little while later and we were at the "official" trail head where there were signs telling you what you could or couldn't do, a doggy doo-doo bag dispenser and a map. At this point we were a mile from the car.

I really, really wanted to go on. I was enjoying myself so much but I was already beginning to flag a little and I knew that the smartest thing to do would be to head on back. The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak. lol The walk back was a little harder, but I was still enjoying it and able to talk as I walked. The only difficult part was that one hill. I just took it at my own pace, stopped when my body told me to, gathered a new reserve and kept on. We walked at a pretty good pace, but I freely admit that I was dragging some pretty serious ass the last half mile. lol

But I made it! All 358 pounds of me made that two miles in decent time and feeling mighty fine, if a little breathy, by the time we got to the Jeep. I drank water during and after my walk and I am amazed at how fast my breathing returned to normal and my heart rate went back to resting. My body felt light and my blood was singing. I had worked up a nice little sweat. Nothing like our Drazil did, today but respectable, none the less. Boy, did I ever have a lovely time. :D

I love the trails at Willow Lake. They are wide enough for two to three people to walk abreast, they are quite smooth and well maintained. And they are fairly level. There are just enough up and downhills to gently but steadily challenge me, but not too steep, except for that one hill that they are too much for me. It really is the perfect place for walking. And we are planning to go every night that we can.

The temp was nice for walking. Warm, but not hot and a lovely, steady breeze keeping us comfortable and happy. As we headed abck to the car, the breeze blowing across the lake gave us the softest, cool little kisses on our faces. Lovely.

I didn't enjoy having to carry that danged water bottle. Time to haul out the old knitting needles and a ball of acrylic yarn and run up a bottle bag with a nice, long strap that I can sling cross body. That way I can have my hydration and free hands, too. :D Sweet Son of mine carried my water bottle back for me. And came back and gave it to me, every now and again so I could drink a little then continue. What a great guy he is. <3

Other than that, my eating is right on track. I haven't been having binge urges and I am feeling pretty level, at present. I am a bit hungrier than usual. That walk sharpened my appetite a bit. But I am not starving. I do think I need a little pre walk fuel up. Tomorow, before we head out, I'll grab a yoghurt or something. A little protein, a little carb. A little energy and verve for my exercise.

Ooof! Mama needs some Advil. lol


  1. Thats so so so flippin great.

    heres hoping you are still walking (rimshot? pun intended?) on AIR today as well.


  2. What an awesome evening you have described. Methinks a dragonfly the size of a dinner plate would scare the willies into me! LOL Good going, my dear friend!

  3. Wow what a wonderful walk and you described it great. Next time take a gun for the dragonfly. lol

  4. I wish we had a place like that to walk, it sounds so beautiful. I'm glad you were able to do 2 miles, that's great.


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