Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Days are Diamonds

Some days are dog shit.

On a stick.

I awoke to humidity. Heavy humidity and heat. Which of course... Results in swelling and puffiness and misery for little old me. By noon, I was so swollen that I was having serious doubts that I could put my walking shoes on my big, fat feet. I fired up the air, earlier and I think that the swelling is diminishing a bit. Hopefully by the time I am ready to suit up and hit the trail, I will be able to fit in my shoes. *bleargh!

Carolina B-B-Q potato chips is the devil and they are inhabiting my body. As if I need more frakking salt, today! I am not bugging over the calories... I blew about 300 on the chips and I will end the day just squeaking in my target range. And I made the conscious decision to have them. And I take responsibility for it. For the record, the chips were good, but I don't think that they were worth 300 of my precious daily calories. And I have had enough fun with them for a good, long time.

And, now I think I am paying with the fat aggravating my gallbladder. That'll teach me. lol

Please, let that swelling go down. Pleasepleasepleaseplease... I need to walk. I want to walk and I will walk, if I possibly can.

I decided to do my nails today and FAIL! Bubbles, bubbles all over the place. My polish looked like a nightmare. Then I got the brilliant idea to top it with some Sinful Green Ocean. Oh! Big mistake! Huge! That was one sickeningly ugly site. So, I had to go to the trouble of cleaning off two coats of base, two coats of enamel and two coats of flakies off while still wet. What a mess! I am wearing bare nails with just a good thick coat of clear base coat, since that is all I could manage without turning my poor nails into a bubble-fest.

And, my stupid head hurts and is banging like a jackhammer.

Okay. Somebody call the waahhmbulance.

'Nuff whining.

On the positive side of the crap coin is the fact that my hip isn't hurting me as much, today. It might rain, and anyone who knows me well knows how much I love rain. I have air conditioning on a hot, humid day when so many people are toughing it out with a swamp cooler or just a fan. My husband is still employed and my son is happy and healthy and full of piss and vinegar.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I just need to piss and moan, now and then. lol

Oh, one more thing to be happy about.

My boobs are shrinking. And if you had my boobs, you would know why this is such a wonderfully good thing.

Slurping water. Lots and lots of water. Maybe that will help...


  1. You had me at dog shit.

    I feel your pain with the humidity and swelling. And I admire you for owning up to the chips. Why is it that when we need salt the least, we crave it the most?

    Keep chugging the water and try to pee it all out.

    I'm on my way to the ladies' room myself!

  2. That is what I would like to know. The last thing I needed was salt. Bleargh! Well, time to live with my choice. :D

  3. Dog shit on a stick? For realz - where do you come up with this stuff? You're totally swelled and still committing to walking - THAT is why I love you!

  4. I recently read that nearly all nail polish contains "pthalates" which are some wonderful chemical that helps them stick to our nails but can also cause lots of problems with our bodies such causing or worsening headaches. Plus, that's adding weight to your body. Sure, it's like a nano-ounce (is that a word?) but if you're like me, you'll take every bit off you can. I've had days when I think I might shave my head to lose a half pound on the scale, even though I know it's not in keeping with my "real" goal.

    New bras! whoo hoo!

  5. feel better tomorrow chica.
    My nail polish looks like I was involved in a massacre.
    It's dark read and all the dish washing has it coming off in clumpy streaks...hard to explain...I gotta do my nails, lets put it that way. I love barbque chips.

  6. "Okay. Somebody call the waahhmbulance."

    Ha ha ha ha ... never heard that before... you crack me up.

  7. man Ive had those shitonstick days too.
    as in yesterday as well.
    Im bound and freakin determined to make today better.

    join me?


  8. BBQ chips sound good to me right about now. I would be a horrible diet partner, that is for sure. Hoping you were able to get out and walk last night. It is such a fabulous routine to get into! I had never heard of a swamp cooler before moving to AZ so many years ago. I never could understand the premise of them (air and water?) for cooling and I don't recall the place we lived in that had one very cool at all. Still, better than nothing in the high heat of summer!


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