Sunday, June 27, 2010

Crispy Critter

We went out to the lake to do our two miles too early, today. We got there at six, the sun was still pretty high and it was still a little too warm. We walked but I wasn't too happy about it. I felt kind of sick during my last half mile. I haven't felt sick on any of my earlier walks. So I think it was the heat.

I did work up a pretty nice sweat, tho. lol

I told Husband that we really need to go a little later, that I just can't take the heat, yet. When I am better conditioned, I have no doubt that the heat will not bother me so much but for now... He agreed and said that we'll go later, tomorrow. Yeah, like seven or so.

I am glad that we got our walk in, tho. I was half tempted to just say, "Screw it! It's Sunday. We deserve a day of rest." My other half said, "Nuh-uh, bitch! Get your ass out on the trail and walk." So I did. :D

I am a little light on calories, today. Not terribly so. But it is getting a bit late to be munching. Popcorn sounds good, tho...

Geeze. What a chow hound I can be. lol

I have to pee again. Stupid water, anyway.

Good night, lovebugs.


  1. yay for your other know except fer the b-word.

    unless that kindsorta motivates you as some days it can me ;)

    Have a great monday.


  2. Good for you for doing it anyway!

    When I'm exercising and I get a little nauseated, my secret weapon is breath mints, anything with peppermint. I like the Eclipse ones. For some reason that calms down my tummy if it gets that blaaargh feeling.

    Your blood sugar also might have been a little low if you were light on calories for the day.

    BTW, just noticed in your picture that you have GORGEOUS eyes and eyebrows. Pretty.

  3. Oh, heat can be killer, especially when getting used to an exercise routine. Still, I am just so impressed with WillyDog. Fabulous to have that kind of support. You are doing mahvelously, dahling!

  4. Carla, actually the bitch thing does motivate me, to a certain extent. lol

    Steph, The peppermint is a good idea. It never even occurred to me to carry some with me. I'll be sure to, tonight. :D

    Thank you for your lovely compliment. I am blushing.

    Hey Sherry! It is nice to have company. And I do appreciate his support, but the boy is still on my list... ;)

    Thank you, I think I am doing well, too. :D

  5. Heat can be rough on you. It can get pretty hot where I work, ice water helps.


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