Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In Day


No change. No fucking change!

I suck.

That will teach me to eat salty stuff the day before a weigh in, I guess.

I just suck.

I am so angry at myself and I want to cry. And binge. And scream. And throw my scale against a wall.

I probably won't do any of those things, tho.

Rather than moping and pouting and feeling sorry for myself, I need to get my fat ass out and walk. This evening after the sun sets, a nice walk would relieve the crap I am feeling and maybe get this bod to doing what it is supposed to be doing.

Perhaps cutting back on the salt wouldn't hurt, either?

I still suck.


  1. Staying the same is so much better than gaining.. Just look at the positive side of the situation. Take it in, learn from it and do better next week. Each day is a new day to start fresh no matter how bad we do each day. Don't beat yourself up over it. Its still better than gaining. Good luck in the week to come. Have a great weekend.

  2. Drink yourself some agua and flush that shit out!
    Seriously, I, LOVE salt. I totally feel your pain. And now, at my happy girly time??? Forget it. Salt is my dirty whore mistress. It takes all I can do to not lick salt off pretzels. And then...Hello bloat. And then? I become Mrs. Pissy Pants. The water helps though. And then you'll weigh in and be like, WTF? 3 lbs gone in 2 days?
    Chemistry is crazy.

  3. You're exactly right. Especially in the summer the salt gets me, too. I'm sweating more, so my body says it needs more, then it shows up on the scale, on and on.

    But it is GREAT that you didn't gain. Go out and walk some of the frustration out, take your big water jug, and scream if you want to!

  4. I have a habit of doing the same thing Erika. I am with Jo, at least you did not retain 8 lbs. of fluid. Just get out there sometime today and you will feel much btter

  5. I had a suck week too, when it comes to food. We'll both do better next week...we'll promise each other, right?

  6. I'm sorry you didn't lose but maybe next time you weigh it will make up for it.

  7. Again, at least you didn't gain! I call that a positive step, especially if you are merely retaining water due to salt intake. Keep moving forward friend.

  8. Heya! You would be amazed HOW MUCH water you will retain from eating salt. But there is no need to stress when this happens, simply drink a ton of water, and if you like kiwis, eat a couple with the skin on (washed) and this will clear everything out. I once (recently) gained 8 lbs in one evening, and lost it all in 2 days, so that is pure water retention...

  9. Nope - you don't suck. You just had a good weigh in...not a great one but as others said it's definitely better than a gain and it's so important to not beat yourself up over it! Remember all the things you're doing and the changes you're making and how awesome they are!! You'll get through it!


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