Friday, June 4, 2010

Salty, Crunchy Things

Still trigger me, as I learned much to my dismay earlier, today.

Husband brought home a bag of cheesy puff balls. I ate a few. Then a few more and before I knew it... I had downed the whole bag. *sigh* I knew better but I made the choice. I would have been better off with a bowl of popcorn.

It isn't the calories (480 for the bag) that bother me so much as the fact that I allowed myself to slip back into an old, harmful habit. I didn't stop at enough. I went for the whole bag. So, I am thinking that I need more work on dealing with trigger foods. I am doing fine with the sweets. The salty, crunchy stuff in bags is definitely a hurdle. One I will clear. I just need to work at it, think through what I am doing and why and reason out how to deal with it. I'll get there. Until then, salty, crunchy things need to not inhabit my home on a regular basis.

I am gulping water and Crystal light and coffee to flush the salt rush. Blech! My tummy isn't happy. I can still taste those dreadful little puffs in the back of my throat. Hours and hours later. I hate that. It is like a constant reminder of my being an idiot. lol But maybe the reminder is a good thing. Perhaps it will help to teach me that I don't want to do this. That it is just a bad pattern that I need to allow to break for good.

Today, I sucketh. lol


  1. Learning is still a good thing, even though you did eat the whole bag! You have learned that it is a pattern...and you KNOW how to break it!

    So you sucketh also learneth.

    Tomorrow will be better...and cheese puff-less!

  2. We all get weak sometimes... it's a learning process. The hardest part is realizing that you haven't ruined everything - if you just brush it off and keep working at it, you can still succeed. I just stumbled across your blog on the blogroll Lyn made, and I'm looking forward to reading some of the other posts you've put up. I know how hard it is starting out - I'm in the same boat!

  3. Thank you, both of you. I appreciate your words of support and wisdom. Some days I do very well and then now and again, I just have to fight it. It gets easier, tho as I go along. :D

    Amy Jo, I am so glad that you decided to come by and hang out. :D

  4. I know the feeling. All too well. All too well. If you like stuff like that...try PopChips or Pirate's Booty in individual sized bags. They are only about 100 cals each bag and dont have a lot of crap in them.

  5. MamaJuliana's comment is spot on.

  6. The main thing is that now you can recognize what is happening. You will succeed at this, I know it.

  7. When I buy food for home I now opt for organic nachos with simple ingredients and rice crackers, which taste salty but have almost no salt, calories or fat, and are made with simple ingredients (rice, sea salt and something else...). It's a great snack to overcome the salt addiction with. I still find it hard not to keep eating when faced with a bag of chips, but I have managed to not "need" them as much most of the time. We all slip up once in a while...

  8. cheesy puff balls are addictive!

  9. I am fine and I appreciate everyone who stopped in to help. *hugs all around!*


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