Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caturday Afternoon

Hello loves.

It is a hot one, today. Thankfully, the humidity that rolled in the other day rolled right back out and it is a dry heat. It should be a bit cooler, by the time we hit the trails, tonight. There is a light wind so that will help. :D

I have received a few comments asking when I am going to post current pictures. I do need to do that and I am giving it some serious thought.

However, I am having a serious battle with my head games about it. As those of you who have read form early on know, I have a real hard time getting in front of a camera. It is almost painful for me. Just taking and posting the pics I have up, right now was an experience, indeed. I am also playing the "What if I don't look any smaller and everybody thinks I am a fraud and hates me and laughs at me and leaves?" head game. I think that one is even more powerful than my camera fear.

Sometimes it is hard to tell my gourd to STFU, you know? lol

But I will be taking some, pretty soon. I would kind of like to get to a solid fifty down, then take and post pics. Perhaps every fifty pounds? I think I could stand to get in front of the old snap box every fifty pounds.

So, that's the plan, at fifty, I am taking and posting new pics.

Let's see...

I started this odyssey and this blog at juuust about 400 pounds. (At my all time heaviest in 2008, I was 420, so I have a good idea of what 400 looked, felt and fit in my clothes on me.) I got a scale and weighed in at 388. I think I was a bit heavier than that when I took the pictures that are up, now. I weighed in at 358.4 on Friday. (See my latest Summer Challenge post for that whole bowl of nonsense.) So, when I hit 350, pics will be taken and posted.

I promise! :D :D

I will probably need to take a new profile picture then, too. I think my face is a little thinner, now.

Let's see... Oh, yeah. Dinner is all prepped so that it will be quick and easy when we get back from the lake. The Foreman grill is out and ready to be plugged in, heated and cook the steaks. We have thin cut lean sirloin ready to go. (Mmmm... Steak... I needs me a nice bit of cow, tonight. :D) Corn on the cob is shucked, at rest in a big pot of water and ready to just fire up the power burner. Small potatoes are wished, pricked (he, he, he, she said pricked!) and in the micro and a big, fresh salad has been made and is chilling in the fridge. Dinner will come together fast and easily, after we get back.

I know that most trainers and so forth will say eat first, wait a bit them exercise. That doesn't work for me. If I exercise after eating I get really sick. Even if I wait an hour or so. I am much better off exercising on an empty stomach.

And I know that some of you are asking, "Potatoes? Corn on the cob?" Yepper. I love, love, love both. Without reason. And I know that too much corn or white potatoes isn't good for us. However, once a week or so, in controlled portions and enhanced the smart way, they are a yummy treat and don't hurt my efforts. I am not willing to give up an ear of corn, now and then or a small baked potato with some buttery spray and a little light sour cream. When I forbid myself something, I want it. With a purple velvet passion. When I tell myself all is at my fingertips and I can have anything I want, any time I want it, I make the right choices.

Another little head game. But a good one, I think. It's working for me. :D

My stupid head is so. Bad. Today. Lots of stabbyness. Overall bang fest. Bleargh!

Okay, 'nuff nattering, for now.


  1. Just left a big long comment and I don't think it "stuck"

    Long story short: keep up the good work. Recognize the head games and push them away so you can continue improving yourself. Most of the stuff our minds tell us are leftover garbage from some other life anyway - things that were told to us when we were so vulnerable. Now we can be strong and tell them to STFU and get on with the business of living!

  2. I promise that even though YOU can't see the difference, the rest of us's called the fat eye.
    It takes twice as long for your brain to catch the skinny as it does your body.
    Can't wait to see the pics. And corn isn't that bad...I like corn on the cob.

  3. I so love potatoes myself. My favorite way of mashing them is with fat free sour cream. What is the harm?

  4. I think potatoes are my favorite food. I try not to have them often, but sometimes slice them and bake in the oven in a little olive oil. They're just as good, and in my mind they're much more healthy. I can do without the corn, though, except when it's from my neighbor's garden. ;D

  5. I can totally relate to the forbid/want desperately, allow/make good choices. If that's a head game, then I've been playing it for years and consistently losing! That's why I have decided no more dieting for me, just healthier eating with everything in moderation. I can live with that.....I am living with that, and it's working! You are doing great, keep on doing what you're doing!


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