Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Roid Rage

We had to shorten our walk, today. Poor Husband's rear was paining him something awful. (He would kill me if he saw this entry.) We got in a little over half a mile and I did do weights, earlier, so I got something done. If he doesn't feel like walking tomorrow, I'll just go by myself. I can't miss two walks in a row.

It's getting late and I need a shower. Better get to it before I get too tired and go to bed sweaty. Blech!

Oh, yeah... Yes, Drazil, I am on Facebook. I don't hang out there much, but if you would like to connect on Facebook, shoot me an e-mail at the addy in my profile. :D


  1. Half a mile is better than nothing, darlin'. In the same vein as TMI (and no pun intended), those roid thingies have never kept me down. I know my brother had surgery for them and I've heard of others too. I have had them dumping blood but they never seem to bother me much...Weird of me. But then that is probably no surprise! LOL Good for you for adding in those weights! You are doing so very well!!!

  2. half mile and weights is pretty d*mn good!!

    types the woman who is about to go walk on her treadmill...



  3. Weights and walking...Way to go!! It's hard for me to want to go walking without someone to go with me so that's super that you are ok to go by yourself. Maybe if I learn to like it a little better then I won't need a babysitter LOL.


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