Monday, March 29, 2010


Bleargh! It's that oh-so-loverly time of the year, again.

Allergy season.


Ah, the sneezing, the sniffing, the watery eyes that burn and the clogged up throat. Spring has sprung. lol I bitch about my allergy symptoms and I like to feel sorry for myself and mope around about them a bit. I am lucky, tho. My symptoms aren't as bad as many sufferers. They are annoying and can be a bit of a pain in my considerable ass but I don't have them so bad that they interfere with my life, send me to the doctor in misery and require my taking a ton of medication just to function.

Could be worse. :D

I got out, yesterday and did a little running around, went to Sally's and Walgreen's and CVS. Spent too much money on stuff and had a blast doing it. I don't know how I managed it... I went to get base and top coat and French tip guides and ended up buying them and some decorative decals, several polishes, cotton rounds... You know how it goes. :P Sometimes it is just fun to cut loose a little and do something one absolutely shouldn't. Even if it isn't a major bank breaking splurge.

Oh yeah, I also got brow gel and an eyeliner. I am out of control. lol

Happily, tho... I am in control with my eating and how I am feeling. I had a very good day, yesterday. Calories were a tad low again but I still got enough nourishment. I didn't get shaky or light headed or feel hungry or anything so it was all good. 1005.

Brekkie this morning was two cups of coffee and oatmeal and diced pears. Iz'e stuffed. :D

I have green nails.

Piccies later. :D

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