Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Manicure of Evil Ugly

Sometimes something is done that is just deeply, terribly wrong at a very basic level. This manicure is one of those things. lolol

Spring has sprung and I wanted to celebrate with something bright and pink and fun. As I spun my little carousel that holds my polishes, my eyes landed on my bottle of China Glaze Pink Voltage. A bright pink neon creme. I bought this polish last year and tried to wear it once. It was an unmitigated disaster and I can clearly remember angrily wiping this polish off with remover soaked cotton rounds and swearing that I would never open that bottle of enamel, again.

Pain diminishes over time. It is like that gorgeous but excruciating pair of shoes that you just had to have and wore for half an hour before kicking them off and swearing that you will never put them on, again. Then, a year later, you think, they couldn't have really been that bad. And they are soooo pretty! So, like an idiot, you put the shoes on and within half an hour, they are flying across the room as you violently kick them off.

That is what this polish is like. So bright and pretty in the bottle. So heinous on the nails. Three coats carefully applied resulted in VNL, uneven, streaking and a bald spot or two. It dried dull. Not matte. Not semi matte. Just... Dull. Blech! Yuk! Ew! As I looked at my freshly painted nails, I knew I had made a mistake. I was about to remove it. Then I realised it was dry to touch. That is the one redeeming factor of this horror show of a polish. It dries quickly. So I thought, well, maybe a little glitter will help.

Bwahahahaha!!!! I can hear the evil being inhabiting that bottle of neon pink polish laughing at me as I grab a bottle of Pure Ice Once Again. A sheer light aqua jelly with glitter. I began applying the glitter. And things just kinda went from bad to worse. Three coats were needed for even somewhat even coverage. The aqua slightly toned down the ugly of the base colour. But didn't do anything to improve or redeem it.

Pure Ice Once Again isn't my favourite glitter polish. It might be nicer over a prettier base colour.


I didn't bother refining clean up or with Seche. This mani isn't long for this world. It is coming off tomorrow. I'd do it tonight but I am over mucking with it, right now. God, grant me the strength not to peel. I haven't peeled polish is a long time. And I don't want to start now. lol

Want to see the Manicure of Evil Ugly? Surprisingly, this photographed prettier than it is in person. Usually it is the other way around. So, if you look at the photos and think, "What is she bitching about? It isn't that bad." Think of just how ugly a polish job can be and jack it up about 300%. And you will know what this one looks like. lolol

First pic is outside in sun going behind clouds. No flash. My skin looks dry and tight because it is. I hadn't applied any lotion or oil before taking pictures.

This is Pink Voltage alone. Taken indoors, with flash. It actually looks not horrible in the photograph. Don't let the photograph fool you. The index finger and thumb are closer to the actual colour than the other fingers.

My new Spring wreath. I was making my bed, this morning and remembered my storage container in my closet with some flowers and stuff in it. I hauled out an old grapevine wreath form I had, some random silk flowers and my dykes for cutting stems and got to work. A few minutes later, I had this. I took it downstairs and hung it on the front door. (I photographed it hanging on a kitchen cabinet.) It is white "silk" lilacs, daisies, a big daffodil and a few ivy leaves.
Hopefully, the stupid birds will not build a nest in it, this year. I don't want this one ruined. lol


  1. I actually love this color and it is one I would buy myself. I really prefer cream finishes to the sparklies. They rarely look as flawed to me, except once they begin to get thickened with age. But then I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer...

  2. This one isn't just creme, it is Pepto Bismol. Really, really ugly. lol

  3. That is some serious pink there. It does look good in the photo but I guess in real life not so good. The wreath is very pretty.


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