Sunday, March 14, 2010

Scale Ordered

Drugstore . com is running a sale. I ordered a Taylor scale that has a high capacity and has good reviews. And it was ten dollars off. With shipping, it cost me $35.98. Not too shabby. I have paid more for less accurate scales at Wally World.

Guess I can't run and hide for much longer. lol


  1. It has a "high capacity?" Made me choke on my wine, darlin'.

  2. It makes me choke every time I think about having to have a "high capacity" scale. lol

  3. I weigh in once a week, and I'm down 90 won't want to run and hide from the scale when you start losing. I actually look forward to seeing the numbers go down now..:)

    And it doesn't matter if you need a high capacity scale or not because you're ready to make some changes. And that's fantastic regardless of where you start! :)

  4. Hi Kenz and thank you for your encouragement and for stopping by. :D


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