Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daily Report on This First Day of Spring

Happy Spring, everyone!

I had a good day. Ate well. Ended up at 1523 calories. Could have been a little better but perfectly acceptable. I'll take it.

I didn't binge.

I didn't eat the bag of chips in the pantry.

I didn't engage in negative self talk.

I didn't talk myself into doing something I would regret horribly.

So, yeah. Pretty good day.

My scale still isn't here. *le sigh* Where is it? (whining) It shipped almost a week ago. (whining a little more) Why is it everything I order takes forever to get to meeee? And other people don't have to wait so long? (seriously annoying, obnoxious two year old style whining)

It will get here when it gets here.

Another pretty day, here. Not so much in other parts of this great nation. I really feel for everybody in the upper Midwest who are facing flooding or the threat of it. If any of my readers are in that area, stay safe and dry.

Yawn. I want to sleep. I may hit the sack a little earlier, tonight. (Before midnight???)


  1. hey,, great job on the calories....I was at 1500 to 1600 forever...I lost a lot at that level.
    Oh, and love the nail polish...I wore 'seductive red' on my 8 year old picked it out. You could see it from across the parking lot I'll bet.
    Yours was more subtle. lol.

  2. Oh, and I am a's what I put on all my tax forms.
    When I read your blurb about being a housewife, it made me smile.

  3. Gosh, but I think you are wonderful, my dear. Wish I lived closer. I suspect we could get into some mischief. Anyway, great job on the day's intake. I like that you are using the blog world, and some of your new friends that you have found through it, as a way of keeping yourself accountable. I am quite proud of you!!

  4. Hi cmoursler. :D Thank you for hanging out. :D Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot.

    Sherry, you are making me blush. :D :D

  5. It snowed all day here on the first day of spring. Nice and warm today though.


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