Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mani of the Moment: China Glaze Lubu Heels

Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This colour is Gorgeous!!!!!!!
I am in love. The more I wear dark, vampy colours, the more I like them. And today I got as vampy as I ever have. Today, I wore black polish for the first time in my life and I really want to know what the hell took me so long?
I imagine I was looking for this colour. China Glaze Lubu Heels. More than likely the only Lubu heels I will ever own. lol That's okay. I can live with that, as long as I have this beautiful polish for my nails.
This polish is a black jelly, I guess it would be called; packed with deep, deep red fire in the form of fine glitter. To the casual glance, it looks black or deep, deep, deep burgundy. Let light... Any light hit it and the red glitter jumps to the surface and sets this enamel on fire. The effects are mesmerizing. I can't stop looking at my nails.
I have to get a back up bottle of this shade. If China Glaze ever discontinues this shade, I do not want to be without it.
I was a tad dismayed with it, at first. The first coat was thin, grey, uneven and streaky with little glitter and I felt a little nervous. Then coat # two went on and suddenly it started to look black and the glitter began to come to life. By coat # 3 I had the colour that the bottle promised me. And I was happy and all my doubts and fears melted like snow in the Spring sunshine.
I did today's mani with a coat of China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base, three coats of Lubu Heels and a coat of Seche. My Seche is suddenly turning thick and gloopy and so my finish is a bit... lumpy??? kinda looking in spots. Blech! What a time for my Seche to turn. :P

For the heck of it, I decided to post pics before clean up. Yikes! What a mess! But, with tips I have recently learned and practice, the pre clean up mess isn't as bad as it used to be. lol

Indoors, (post clean up, of course.. lol) with flash.

Outdoors, direct afternoon sun, no flash. Look at that dark, deep red fire. :D

Outdoors, in shade. No flash.
Close up, in direct sun. No flash. To show just how magical this colour really is. If you thought that you could/would never wear black polish, I encourage you to try this colour.

Super close up in direct afternoon sun. No flash. The deep red glitter looks like embers from a dying fire, shining softly in a blackened fire pit. (Ignore my awful ridges, please. Those ridges are a result of years of acrylics and harshly ripping them off more times than anyone ever should. Lessons learned. *le sigh*)
So, there you have it. China Glaze Lubu Heels. Off my lemming list and on my nails. :D :D
Celebrate Spring! Paint your nails some fabulous colour that you never thought you would ever wear. :D


  1. I have to admit, that color is absolutely stunning! I've always been drawn to mocha-y colors and maroonish reds. They seem to look better with my fair coloring than the in your face colors. This one would fit the bill nicely...had I nice hands and nails to wear it on that is. Question for you...How come you don't bring the polish all the way down to the cuticles? It looks like you do pre-clean-up. Just wondering, my friend. Not criticizing. And I really want you to come take care of my crappy nails! LOL

  2. Polish should be close to but not all over the cuticle. Since I am not good enough a nail painter to paint neatly and right up to but not off the cuticle, I have to do clean up. And that kind of makes a gap between the polish and cuticle.

    It's a look that was a bit strange to me, at first. But I have got used to it and I really like it, now. It looks neat and clean and much better. :D

  3. Wow that color is gorgeous! I'd have polish all over the place if I did it.


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