Friday, March 5, 2010

Om Nom Nom Nom. Chicken Packets :D

Chicken packets. They came out yummy. :D

They are super easy to make. They take a little prep but it isn't an odious amount of work. :D

First thing you do is make the packets. Make one for each person you are feeding. Use two sheets of foil, about... a foot and a half or so long. (Remember... I don't measure when I cook, so everything is a guesstimate ;)) Put two pieces shiny sides together and fold tightly several times, lengthwise to make a large sheet of foil. Repeat for all packets and stack them , shiny side up.

Preheat your oven to 350-375. (My oven runs a little cool, so I use the higher temp.)

Heat a grill or grill pan and lightly season boneless skinless chicken (cuts of your choice... We use breasts.) and grill just until it has grill marks and some colour. You aren't cooking the chicken through, here. Just giving it some colour and flavour and ensuring it doesn't come out of the packet looking all pale and ghostly. (Not appetizing. lol) I use a little paprika and Pam on my chicken, as I am using an indoor grill, right now. I just get better colour and flavour, that way. Once the chicken has nice marks and a little caramelising, move the pieces to a plate and set aside.

Now, while your chicken is grilling, peel and cut into roughly one inch chunks one medium/medium large potato for each packet. Also cut bell pepper strips, slices of onion, chunks of cauliflower, sliced mushrooms, tip asparagus... This recipe is limited only by your imagination and what you like to eat. Use any vegetables that you love.

Juice a lemon or two or just use bottled. You can also use lime or orange.

Now, assemble your packets.

Place a piece of chicken in the centre of each packet and pour a little lemon juice over it. You can add a little soy, curry, whatever you love. Pile the potatoes and other veggies around and on top of the chicken. I grind sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper over the whole thing. You can add garlic, other herbs and spices. Go nuts, use what flavours you love, love, love. :D

If you aren't worried about fat and calories, add a pat of butter, at this point.

Now, fold the packet to seal it lengthwise, then fold and roll the ends in to seal, as well. Finish assembling all of the packets and place them on a foil lined baking sheet. (I usually have to scrunch them a bit. It won't hurt anything.) Place the pan in the oven and let it rip for about an hour or a little longer. Remove the pan from the oven, open a packet and check to be sure the chicken is cooked through. (Rare or raw chicken is not a good thing to eat. It is dangerous and can make you very, very ill.) The veggies should be tender but not mush, by this point.

Serve by placing a packet on each plate. Everyone can open it up and eat out of the packet or place the chicken and veggies on their plate.

I figured mine out and with the chicken, veggies and "sauce" my packet came out to about 400 calories. It may have been a little less, I tend to estimate a little high. And very little fat, as veggies don't have fat and I used very lean chicken.

If you have a small appetite, use a smaller piece of chicken. If you have a heartier one, get a bigger piece. Use more or fewer veggies to suit each person and how much they like to eat.

If you are a veggie-saur, try lightly brushing a big portobello mushroom with a little olive oil and seasoning it and grilling it in place of chicken. Or use a nice piece of tofu. :D

I don't see why you couldn't use a piece of turkey breast or some nice boneless pork. Just adjust cooking times to make sure they are fully cooked. :D



See the little tomatoes? They are grape tomatoes and they had the most wonderful roasted tomato flavour. :D

I had a bad episode, this afternoon. I had an encounter with a bag of potato chips. 800 calories later, I was sick, angry and feeling as if I wanted to cry. Bleargh! Binging sucks. But I was determined to get right back on track, for my next meal. And did so. *sigh* Why the hell do I do that?

Stupid gallbladder is twinging, tonight. One of these days, I am going to have to haul my arse in to the doc's and have it dealt with. Good times.

I had a Cat. 3.5 migraine, yesterday. Photo phobia, nausea and all. Today it is down to a 2, 2.25 or so and my photo phobia has faded away. I should have another two to three days of this go-round before I get a break and the next one comes screaming in. Headaches blow. I have had them all my life. I am pretty much used to them and unless they are just knock me down and I can't move bad, I function pretty well with them.

If you got through all of this, I salute you. :D

Try the chicken packets. Seriously. Try them. You will like them. :D


  1. I make these myself; also do them with hamburger patties. Onions just make them fabulous to my mind. Hadn't tried grilling them a tad first before though (I always get those pale ghosts you mentioned! LOL). Great to get a grill pan...

  2. I've binged before, the side effects can be rough. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Yeah Sherry, pale ghosts aren't appetizing. If you have a cast iron skillet, you can just brown the pieces in that. :D

    SM, I think that we all have. And oh, boy is it ever a bummer. I do feel better, today. Behaving myself is a good thing. lol


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