Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eep! Time's a Flying

I don't have a huge amount of time to natter, right now. I slept late, (indulgent and felt soooo good) had a leisurely brekkie of oatmeal, an orange and coffee. My day is off to a good start and I feel good, today. Head is a bit bad of course but that is normal for me. lol I am even keeled and calm. And grateful for it. I had a good eating day, yesterday. Calories landed at 1140. A little under my target but no worries, I figure that the days I come in a little low help to balance the days I come in a little high.

I have to do a fast nail job. My mani is chipping all over the joint. This polish is a beauty but not much of a comer where it regards being long lasting. Blech. I'll not wear this one as often, knowing this. Oh, well.

I have other stuff to talk about but no time right now. I have to get my nails done and get in the shower. I have places to go and a few things to do.

Later. :D


  1. That is great that you got to sleep in. Nice job on the calorie intake and hope to see a photo of your mani. :)
    Enjoy your day,

  2. Hope the day ended up being fantabulous! I know you like to get out and go on a weekend, much as do I.

  3. Pics coming soon. :D

    Thank you for your support, Susie. <3 :D

    I did get out, Sherry and it was nice. :D


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