Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Evening

I had another good, on track day. I have enough calories left for an evening snack, should I decide to have one. :D

I am still having to rest my stupid hip. *sigh* It is hell getting old. lol I guess hard core in place walking/marching isn't for me, until I get a bit lighter. I can't have this kind of pain and discomfort every time I try to get a little exercise. I think that walking will be better.

I did get some exercise, today. I broke a good sweat doing housework. Dual benefit... A light workout and a clean house.

Not too much else going on, at the moment. Life is boring. Which isn't an altogether bad thing, I suppose. But it doesn't give me a heck of a lot to write about.

Nails are still good. I'll probably change my polish tomorrow or Sunday. :D

It is still getting down below freezing at night so I still can't plant flowers. It is nice during the day. Warm, sunny and pleasant. A nice change after all the cold. :D


  1. I like boring. I think I'm boring. Enjoy the clean house, my friend. Hopefully you will get out with the DH today; its Saturday!

  2. Ha! Not going to happen.

    Maybe I will be allowed out tomorrow. *rolling my eyes*


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