Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Spring Like Day

Sunny and warm again. I think that will probably be the norm, for a while, now. :D This is Arizona, after all.

Head is a banging, today. I had pinpoint haloing yesterday and things are rocking and rolling, today. Bleargh. It's one of those lovely headaches that plays heck with my vision and makes me type funny. :P

I am on track. A little high, but okay. I tried to go out for a walk but sunlight made my brain implode so I am staying in, instead. Maybe tomorrow.

Migraines suck.

Housework is all done. I just have a load of whites in the dryer and I need to unload the dishwasher. Maybe I'll leave it and let Son do it when he gets home from work. lol

I watched Paranormal Activity today. I had stashed it on my DVR when it started running on PPV and I decided to go ahead and run it, today. Amusing. Good ending. I wasn't nuts about the shaky camera work, that tends to annoy me. But the story, plot and ending held my attention and gave me a few good shivers. I probably won't watch it again. But if you have an hour and a half to blow and want to be amused and get a few light chills, give it a go. :D

Okay, my dryer just buzzed at me and I am typing in Martain. I have fixed fifty typos, thanks to my brain, eyes and fingers all wanting to do fifty different things at once. lol

TTFN and have a great, on track and happy day.


  1. I can't do anything but hide in bed in a dark room with a bag of ice and cry when I get migraines. Good for you for soldiering through as well as you do! Hoping today is better, my friend.

  2. I am so used to just doing what I have to do, regardless of the choices my head is making. lol


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