Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Much Better, Today :D

1185. A much better day. :D And it wasn't too difficult. I had a few dicey moments... It is strange how you can eat like an idiot one day and then something trips in your mind and you think that is what you are free and there to do from then on. And you have to remind your mind that that isn't the case.

I had to remind my mind a few times. lol But I got through really well. One thing that helped was memories of last night. I was hurting so bad and so sick that I was in misery. And I didn't want a repeat performance, tonight.

I think that my gallbladder is going south on me and that I have a nice little side of pancreatitis to go along with it. All of my symptoms fit. Which means that sooner or later, I am not going to be able to stand it any longer and I'll have to drag my ass in and have the old gallbladder taken out. Blech. I am trying to keep things as calm as I can by watching what I eat and I really want to lose as much weight as I can before I seek medical help. Not only do I have issues regarding medical personnel and fat people but surgery will just be safer, the more weight I can lose before I have to go in for it.

Low pressure system is coming in and my stupid head is ramping up for a real bang session. I get some of my worst headaches when the weather changes and the pressure drops. I hope that we only get rain... I am over the snow. Do. Not. Want.

I had my first cantaloupe of the season. Sooo good. Want more, please. :D Sadly, I fear that the oh-so-short asparagus season is drawing to it's inevitable close. It was $4.99 a pound at the store today. *sigh* Guess it is back to frozen.

I watched the first two new episodes of Nurse Jackie that I had stashed on my DVR. I still need to watch the two episodes of United States of Tara. I am looking forward to the season premier of The Tudors. This is the last season. Good old Henry only has two more wives to blow through. lol Actually, he only blows through one more. Poor little Kitty Howard. Lucky Catherine Parr survived him. lol

Okay, My head is getting worse and I am starting to make some really weird typos. lol Guess it is time for me to wrap this yak-fest up for tonight.

Good night to anyone who reads this. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite.


  1. Great job on your daily intake, my friend. I think as you see changes, your motivation will increase and it will become easier and easier. I always get the most defeated before seeing positive changes. Hope the family is supportive of your efforts too. And I can relate to the headaches with barometric changes. I've been dealing with them myself for almost two weeks now. Not fun, but at least not migraine proportions (thanks to either aspirin, Imitrex, or both).

  2. Good job.. You are doing great. So sorry about the headaches. I hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Thanks girls. <3 It means a lot to me that you stop in to read and comment. :D :D

  4. Maybe when you lose weight you won't have to have surgery. One can only hope.


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