Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sweet Potatoes


I washed three small sweet potatoes and wrapped them in foil and baked them in my toaster oven for hours until soft and sweet. I had one for dinner, with buttery spray and a little salt and pepper. :D

I am back and forth with the eating. I do well one day, crash and burn the next. I am aware that I am making bad choices. I don't want to make the bad choices. Why do I? Where is the connection between knowing, desire and action? What is the secret?

I have to keep working on that one. Every now and then I think I get it... For a moment. Then the brief flash of understanding dims and I am floundering in the dark like an idiot, again.

It is March third. And it is beginning to feel a lot like Spring. Grasses are beginning to grow, the ground is covered with a film of soft, new green. The trees are budding, preparing to leaf out. The sky was blue, today. Blue and clear and the sun was warm. Warm enough to keep a window open all day. The birds were singing all day. They like the trees outside my kitchen and dining area windows. I think that there are multiple nests in the Pondarosa pine. I always hear a lot of birds in that tree.

When did making nasty jokes about people become okay? And when did it become a good thing to tell an entire section of the population that they are a burden to the health care system and a waste of money and resources?

I get that illnesses that may be a side effect of obesity can be expensive but those who suffer them are no less deserving of care then those persons who are not obese. Fat or not, we all human. And deserve equal care and compassion.

Don't we?

Or, is it open season on fatties?


  1. So glad I missed what derogatory comments were made. As one goes through life, you find more and more that none of us are perfect, self especially. At least it is that way for me. Sometimes other things come into play that might affect one's weight...or abilities...or stamina..."Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." I would imagine none would be able to mock were they to keep this in the head.

  2. No none of us are perfect. And I get that we all have our opinions. But I just feel that being mean to someone for any reason is wrong. Even if you don't agree with what it is you are (I am saying you in the general, not you, personally ;) ) making fun of.

    Did that make sense?


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