Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Don't Need No Stinkin' Man!

I can hang my laundry room shelf all by my myself. :D Yes, I can. Oh, Husband tried to help. He insisted on helping me get my level line drawn. I had to use a tape measure and a torpedo level because getting me a three foot level or a yardstick is apparently just too difficult. *rolling my eyes* Anyway, he brought a drill home for me and did the line then ran back off to work and left me to it. I drilled the holes, inserted brackets, hung the shelf, added the support brackets and wall anchored them in. I now have a lovely, handy, sturdy shelf for my laundry supplies and a few cleaning supplies and so forth.

The shelf is slightly off level. It isn't obvious to the eye, but if you slap a level on it, you can see it isn't true along the length. Oh well. I wasn't going to rip it down and start over. I would have had to repair the wall, re measure and do it all over. And, since you can't see the difference, I am willing to let good enough be. :D :D

I installed the shelf on the side wall, above my dryer. I considered putting it across the wall in back of my machines but there are water and power and vent lines back there. Things with which I would rather not tangle. Especially with a drill. lol

Now I know how to install shelves. I am already thinking of other little projects I could do around here.

I don't need no stinkin' man. Except when I need to borrow his drill. A drill I would keep in a heartbeat if it didn't belong to his employer. I doubt that they would appreciate me gifting myself their property. lol

All of my stuff, laid out and ready to go.

Empty wall space and my supplies on top of my dryer. What a pain in the ass that was! I hated working around all that stuff. I also had laundry baskets on my washer and dryer until I recently finally got my hamper.

My shelf, installed and loaded up. Me so happy! :D And I didn't even chip a nail. :D :D

The drill. I so want to keep it. It's really powerful but easy for me to handle. It is just perfect. I suspect it is also rather expensive. lol
Eating is going well. I am nicely under control and on track. Not having any crazy cravings and getting hydrated, too. My scale still isn't here. I hope it arrives, soon. I look forward to and dread it's arrival. Muahahaha!
Son is off work today. Thankfully, he cleaned his bathroom. Finally. There was toilet breath wafting up the stairs. Ick. :P
It is a beautiful day. Sunny and warmer than yesterday. If this keeps up, I could almost believe that Spring is springing. Only five days to the First Day of Spring. Maybe the groundhog was wrong, this year. :D
Must go put the rest of the laundry away.


  1. Look out she has a drill in her hand! It doesn't matter if the shelf isn't entirely level as long as your stuff doesn't fall off of it.

  2. My thoughts, exactly. And they are staying very nicely in place. :D

  3. Must admit that the not chipping a nail line was classic. I was already thinking of the juxtaposition of mani'd hands holding a drill was rather cool. Well done, darlin'!

  4. Thanks, Sherry.I think that has become a fave pic. :D

  5. You did great and the shelf looks wonderful. I have my own drill from Home Depot. Got mad at my husband and brought myself a drill. It is an off brand, but it works.

  6. He he. That's what I should do every time I get mad at Husband. Buy tools. I would own the entire tool section at Lowe's in no time. lol


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