Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Right...

Who ordered the frakkin' snow?!?!?!?

Seriously? More damned snow? It's March. It's Ari-freaking-zona. We are supposed to sliding into Spring. Not shoveling white stuff. Not that I shovel white stuff. I have a husband and strapping grown son to do that for me.

But, I hear you protest in your sweet head, shoveling snow isn't good for a man in his forties. A man who is a few pounds overweight and not in great shape. Don't you know that the poor dear could have a heart attack?

First of all, there isn't that much snow. And secondly, I am prepared. His life insurance is paid up and I have a killer black dress hanging in my closet.

Just joking.

I don't own a black dress.

*evil grin*

Seriously, tho... The snow isn't that deep or heavy and by the time husband went out to clear it, it was melting to the slushiness and was very easy for him to move. If it had been very deep/heavy, I simply wouldn't have countenanced his going out and trying to clear it. Because he is in his mid forties (today is his 45th birthday) and is out of shape. And, as much as I bitch about him, I don't want him dropping dead in our driveway. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Yes, Virginia. It snows in Arizona.

Photographic proof:

Shortly after these shots were snapped, the snow slowed and stopped and began to melt. A lot of it is now gone. It is still cloudy and there are a few random flakes falling. But not like earlier. This snow won't last long.

Thank goodness. We live on a hillside and snow makes it exceedingly difficult to get in and out. That is the only thing I don't like about living in this place. That and the assholes down at Party House. (A rant for another time.)


  1. Well it looks pretty. I'm glad it melted quickly though.

  2. So am I. We don't need all that white stuff making life hell. lol


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