Sunday, March 7, 2010

Things I Like to Chew...

And slurp. :D

Why yes, I am distracting myself with a long, photo clogged blog entry. You see, I am in the mood to chew. And I sooo Don't want to. Even tho I really, really want to. I know. I am certifiable. I am good with it. :D

Seriously, tho. Son left a bag of Bugles on the table and I have eaten three of them. Oh! Crunchy, salty goodness. Bleargh! I am not hungry. I had a good, filling dinner and I am honestly not physically hungry. Not to mention I have hit my upper calorie limit for the day. I am a little over 1600. Mostly thanks to dinner. MIL sent over her horrendously good roast and potatoes and I had some. Didn't go overboard but roast and potatoes and gravy are pretty calorie rich. Add the almost entire bundle of asparagus I added and well... I am actually still pretty stuffed.

But I am feeling peckish. Just as if I want to go in the kitchen, cruise the food storage containment systems and graze. Not a good plan.

So, I am going to bore the living shit out of you, instead. ;) lol

And crunch on radishes. :D

So, I like fruit in my oatmeal. And pre packaged, sugar free fruit is the easiest for me to use in the morning when I am still brain dead and hungry as a bear. It is easier to just pop one of those little cups open, drain out the liquid and dump the fruit into my oatmeal than to peel, core, chop and measure. All while my eyes are blurry and I am hurrying to finish before my kettle boils and praying feverishly that I don't take a finger or two off with my chef's knife. I know that fresh is best. And I do do fresh. But this is just easier and I am a sucker for the easy, sometimes. Not to mention it is one perfect portion. No measuring, no doubt. :D

Nom the fruity goodness. :D

My usual brekkie. Quaker Weight Control oatmeal, Cinnamon flavour, of course! with a little extra cinnamon and the aforementioned fruit. And of course, coffee.

Yum! Cinnamon flavoured oatmeal. I won't accept any other. The banana bread, maple and other flavours just taste too cloyingly, fake sweet and "perfumy". And not in a good way. I like sweet. I like perfumy. (Think perfect, sweet, perfumy cantaloupe. Mmmmm...) But not in my oatmeal. *shudder*

Sara Lee Delightful 130 calorie bagels. Not too shabby for a "diet" food. The texture isn't exactly like that of a real bagel. It isn't as dense, moist and gorgeously chewy. But, on the plus size, these bagels have pretty good flavour. And the texture, while lighter and a little drier and a bit "spongier" than real bagels, isn't bad and I got used to it pretty quickly. The crust is somewhat chewy, so you do get some of that lovely texture. And the size is good, too. Bigger than a mini, smaller than those ginormous bakery bagels. A nice, satisfying, perfect portion. :D I like mine toasted with a bit of buttery spray. And served with a boiled egg and coffee for brekkie or soup for lunch or dinner. :D (I Can't Believe it's Not Butter Spray.)

Progresso Light Soups. Mmm... What is lovelier than a big bowl of boiling hot, flavourful soup? Satisfying and if served hot enough, takes a good, long time to eat, too. I admit, I eat the whole can. It is less than 200 calories and one serving, half the can just doesn't cut it. *oink* I usually tack on a toasted light bagel or a slice or two of light bread, toasted and sprayed.

Now, light juices aren't all, pure juice. Of this I am well aware. But, they are much lower in calories and that, my friends is a good thing. I was first introduced to the world of light orange juice (beverage... I am saying it here and will not bother to say it, again) by Tropicana Trop 50. What could be better? Orange juice taste and only 50 little calories? Well, I'll tell you what can be better. Minute Maid Light Orange Juice. Oh. My. Lovely.
Trop 50 is good. It is thin. No pulp and tends to tase a bit like artificial sweetener. Not a flavour that is objectionable to me; I have used artificial sweeteners much of my life and am very accustomed to the taste. In fact, I often opt for it, even when I could have sugar. I like Trop 50 just fine and will happily drink a glass of it anytime.
Anytime I don't have Minute Maid Light. This juice is good. A little more orangey-orangey. The sweetness is a little more pronounced and tastes a bit more natural. The juice has a bit more viscosity and... *hear the angel choir* pulp. Sweet, luscious pulp. Lovely. This most closely resembles real, not juice beverage orange juice. Did I mention it is lovely? :D

Coffee. Uh. Huh. Coffee... Nectar of the gods. My sweet, sweet addiction. Caffeine is of wonderfulness. Coffee is the ideal vehicle in which it enters my foggy, sleepy brain. You might ask; If she loves coffee sooooooooo much, why the hell is she drinking instant coffee? Simple answer? I can't kill a teakettle.
Well, you see... I am a coffee maker murderer. Seriously. I have killed more coffee makers and espresso/cappuccino makers than anyone on this planet has a right to. After my last coffee maker and espresso/cappuccino makers went tits up on me I gave up. I realised that I have already spent more on coffee makers than Donald Trump has on hairspray and so I determined that going instant would be the best thing to do for the foreseeable future. It isn't really all that bad. Really. Nescafe, my chosen brand tastes decent, for an instant. And when I hit it with fat free half and half and a packet of Truvia, it is even better.
You might have noticed that the label is missing from the jar. Yeah... One of my little quirks. Like overuse of ellipses... I don't like the label on the jar. I don't like the design or the colours so I just unwrap it and toss the label in the trash. I know what is in the jar. No label required. And besides, having a nekkid jar lets me keep a close eye on the level of the coffee granules within, making it easier for me to see when I have to replenish my supply. Can't have me running out of coffee, now. Can we? lol
Truvia. Nice stuff. Different. I have used just about every artificial sweetener one can think of. From that nasty stuff in the 70's to Sugar Twin, to Sweet and Low to Equal to Splenda, (still use Splenda) and now Truvia. Truvia is sweet and has a slight vanilla kind of perfume to it. It is good in coffee, (I find it is better to add it after my f.f. 1/2 and 1/2) and for dipping strawberries. It also tastes better in tea. I use both Splenda and Truvia for different purposes and like them both.
Fat free half and half rocks my happy little coffee slarking world. I am definitely a cream and sugar girl. I don't really like black coffee all that much. Tho I do like iced black coffee better than hot black coffee. Fat free half and half lets me have a bit of richness and creaminess and control my calorie and fat intake. I use a bit more than I should but I make sure to measure and log accordingly. Yes, it uses up a few more of my daily calorie budget but to me it is so worth it. :D
So, there you have it. A few things I heart. This isn't going to be my last "Things I Heart" entry.
This was kinda fun. :D
Whew! I do believe that the crisis has passed. I type at a glacial pace and this whole rambling, nattering thing has taken me a little while. Long enough to let my peckishness fade off into the background. Well into the background. :D
If you got through all of this, I salute you. If you skipped to the end, I don't blame you. lol
ETA: I am sorry for the run on paragraphs. I did paragraph breaks all through my entry. They didn't show up. Went back and edited to add them again. Only part of the post has them. Again. Gah!!! So. Yeah. I am sorry for the blocks of unbroken type. I do know better. Really, I do. For some reason, my blog hates me, tonight.


  1. Alrighty then! LOL I just waded through 3 blog entries! I love reading your words and am enjoying this blog even more than I did your (ahem) LHC one. The real darlin' comes out here. Must admit that the two years I lived in Tucson, I never saw snow. Maybe a bit up on Mt. Lemon, but only seen in the distance.

    Loved the images of Marley pinging through the house. My cats do that too, though more often than not it is after lights out that they go on their tears.

    Let's see...I think that instead of thinking and writing about food, that your skills would lend to a wonderful book! Yes, that is it. My eureka moment for you! LOL Seriously, I love how you can turn a phrase and would love to see you write a book. You can use me to bounce ideas off of! What say ye??? I could be your editor!

    Anyway, must say that as instants go, I always preferred Nescafe myself. For brewing my own, I love both Yuban and MJB 100% Columbian. I think I must be odd in that I do like pulp in my orange juice though. Bagels? I prefer egg bagels and fat free chive or vegetable cream cheeses. What else? Oh yes...Bugles. Don't especially care for those. Though I do remember when they first came out many eons ago. My parents used to buy them for themselves and we weren't supposed to eat them. Can't do fake sugars - except in Diet Coke. What else...hmmm...

    Coffee pot killers. We do it too. I think it is the gunk that is in water that eventually does them in.

    Mind drawing a blank all of a sudden. Dang this getting older business!

  2. I use SweetLeaf stevia. I guess my favorite is their vanilla creme stevia since i use it the most! I don't think I'll ever buy's not nearly as pure as it is over 99% erythritol and a tiny amount of Rebiana, which really is not in the stevia plant at all (and masking agent).

  3. Muahahah! :D Always happy to make someone hungry. Why should I suffer alone? lol

    Erin, thanks for the info. I think I will keep using the Truvia for now. But I need to look into pure Stevia, too. :D

    Sherry Darlin', I can almost believe that I could maybe do it, when you tell me I can... Almost. Funny thing is, I still haven't let go it. I keep chewing over it in my head. Ideas come in, squat, set up residence. People begin to come to life. It kind of makes me crazy. lol

    Are you sure that you would be up to editing my writing? Remember, I don't possess an English degree. It has been many years since I sat in an English class. lol

    Thank you for reading all three entries. You are an intrepid spirit. :D

  4. Of course I'd be up for it. I love reading! I think it would be a fun journey too. You need to keep a small journal handy so you can write down ideas as they crop up. I used to want a book and never could remember whatever ideas I'd thought of when I was sitting down to begin.


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