Monday, March 15, 2010

A Good Day

It was a lovely day, today. Sunny and a little warmer. There was a cool breeze but downright gorgeous in the sun. So much so that when I took my dog outside earlier I decided to grab the loppers and give some stuff that grows around here a much needed haircut. Now, the cottonwood, ponderosa pine and holly-oak all look much nicer and neater. And they are no longer grabbing my clothes and even worse... My hair. And they are no longer hanging over my patio.

I am eagerly awaiting it being warm enough to get to planting. My fingers are itching to get into soft, warm, rich soil and plant flowers. I don't plant food... I am a failure at growing things we can eat. Just ask anyone who saw The Great Tomato Plant Debacle of 2007. lol It was bad. Really bad. And we never speak of it.

But, flowers I can do. Unless they are snapdragons. I love snapdragons. But I kill them. Every time. I don't understand it. They just don't seem to like me. You would think that they were food. lol If I can get a couple of planters large enough, I may see about getting a couple of rose bushes. I would love to try growing roses. I can't plant a bunch of them in the ground as I wouldn't be willing to leave them behind when we leave here. But a couple in containers I could take with me. :) We'll see.

Urg. I am sore. All that lopping is good for the looks of my tree friends and for my muscles; bout damned time I used the muscles that God gave me, wouldn't you think? My arms and shoulders hurt a bit. But it is a good kind of hurt. So, I think I can live with it. :D

I ate well, today. 1537 calories. And good food, so yeah... I am pretty pleased. :D I didn't hydrate as well as I should have, tho. And my feet show it. Swelling sucks. Major goats. It sucks. I have put up with that BS since before I went through puberty. Started on the top of my left foot. Now it is both lower legs, ankles and feet. So. Sick. Of. It. Losing this weight will help that. I suppose I should see a doc about it... So that he can tell me that I need to lose weight, probably. Well, no fucking duh! *rolling my eyes*

Anyhoodleedoodledoo. It was a good day. And for that, I am thankful.

I am listening to pop tart music as I type this. Sometimes a little Katy Perry or Lady Gaga is just the thing a girl needs. Shut up and put your money where your mouth is... That's what you get for waking up in Vegas. Fun. :D

My son was born in Vegas. We lived in Bullhead City at the time but the local hospital wouldn't deliver babies unless it was an emergency. And all of the OB/GYNs in the area at the time were... Well... Things I heard... Don't know if they were true, but I wasn't taking any chances. So, I had an OB in Vegas and that is where I had my son. He is a Nevada native, tho he only spent three days there. lol

More Than This by Roxy Music... Looove this song. Sometimes I play it over and over. I wonder if I could get one of those music playing gadgets to play it on my blog page? Hmmm... Maybe a few other songs, too. I'll have to sift around and see if I can make it happen. :D

I think I got a little sunburn, today. My skin is hot and my face is pink/red. Blech. Burn isn't good for us pale ones, more-so for me. I am trying to get rid of discolouration on my face with retinol, then I go out in the sun unprotected for a few minutes. Should have put on a hat. When will I ever learn?

Manicure day, today. I keep all of my supplies in a cute little Longaberger basket with a multi compartment plastic lining that Husband picked up for me, one day. It is perfect for this purpose. It holds everything I need and it is easy to carry around and small enough to fit nicely on my little side table. :D Contained within are the usual any girl needs for pretty fingers. Remover, cotton rounds, Q-Tips, a mister bottle of alcohol, glass file, base and top coats and clean up brushes and an old wash cloth for blotting off my brushes and to catch little remover and acetone drips. I also have little plastic fruit cups for when I try water marbling. :D

Today's mani is brought to you by the letters C and G. For China Glaze Frostbite. With the usual base and tops. This first pic was taken indoors with flash. I'll tell ya, flash does screwy things to this polish. It must be the shimmer... It totally freaks out my little camera. lol Check it out:
The next two were taken outdoors, no flash in setting sun. This polish photographs a lot lighter than it actually is. I suspect that there are interference pigments in the shimmer that cause this.
If you look at the shadowed part of the bottle, that darker blue is closer to the actual colour. I have a real knack for choosing enamel that is the dickens to photograph, don't I?

I think I am in love with this colour. It is a beautiful royal or sapphire blue. There is a lovely deep translucency to it, tho it isn't sheer. It is almost like jewel toned enamel. This polish also has a shimmer to it. But it isn't a typical shimmer. Or a frost. It's deep, almost hidden. Sunlight and camera flash really make it fire.

This polish is beautiful but it is a bit of a pain in the neck to apply. It is a thin jelly that really loves to flow. I got this coverage in two thickish, runny coats. I should have done three or four and had better control. Clean up was a real biotch, too. By the time I was done polishing but before cleanup, I had enough blue smeared on my fingers that I was afraid I was going to get taken in for murdering a smurf. Clean up took a long time. This polish loves to make it's presence known and to stick around. lol But the colour is so pretty, that I forgive it. Next time I use this polish, I will definitely do multiple, thinner coats and work more slowly. It dried sort of dull. I was expecting much more shine. But after a coat of Seche, I was happily admiring a nice, glass like shine.
Well, I suppose that I have nattered on long enough, for now. I should spell check and hit Publish before this entry gets any longer. Ha ha ha.


  1. Had to laugh at the seeing a "dog" about the bloat in the feet. Spellcheck always misses catching such errors, yes? LOLOL Love this blue too and you cracked me up with the murdering the smurf comment. You just have the most perfectly shaped nails! I am in hand envy. Sigh...

  2. I lost my virginity to "More Than This" but then again, we probably all did. TMI?

  3. Sherry Darlin', my nails are far from perfect. *sigh* I could only wish for the fabulous nails I see... I just make the best of what I have and paint them up nice. It's all a girl can do. :D Yeah, I just saw my stupid typo. Probably should go back and change that. lol

    Hi ShallowGal! Thank you for commenting and reading. :D <3 I lost mine to "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go." Wham! indeed... ;p

  4. Blue fingernails, cool! I would love to have a garden but we don't have an outside water faucet and we would have to haul water to water the plants. I tried that one year and it was a backbreaking job.


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