Thursday, March 18, 2010


You know how it is... You're not hungry, you're hongry. As in "I could eat a horse then fry up the stable as a side dish" hongry. That was me, tonight. I don't know why... I wasn't particularly hungry today, just ate meals and a snack as usual. Then evening hits and so does the feeding frenzy.

Or, it could have been a feeding frenzy. I had dinner, then popcorn and then a big orange. And I drank lots of Crystal light and water. I have finally eaten myself to a stop and I didn't do too much damage. My calories for the day, evening nosh included came in at just under 2000. Not ideal but at my weight, still in the "loss zone".

I hope I have that out of my system for a while. lol

So... Not a slam dunk fabulous day but not a failure, by my definition. I can live with it. And strive to do better.

Good night. Sleep tight.


  1. You are doing super well! You need to make sure you have low cal, low fat snacky type things for when these moods strike. Listen to the "I want McDonalds" girl. Yeah, that would be wise, eh?

  2. It's okay, Sherry. We all have wisdom. And being willing to share it is how we learn and grow. <3

    I did eat low cal snacks. Just too many of them. lol

  3. Hey you are doing great. Hey I know about the hungry thing and sometimes its hard to shake it. Think positive and you can do it.

  4. Thanks girls. I will. I did. I just needed to cry about it, I guess. lol


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