Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Queen of a Frozen Realm

Yesterday, we had snow, rain, more snow and thaw, thaw, thaw. By afternoon the world was wet and running water and my patio was covered in water. By sundown, the skies had cleared, the temperature dropped and my patio was converted to a skating rink. This morning, everything was frozen solid. Except, thankfully, our pipes. lol

The sun is warm, this morning and all of the ice and remaining snow is rapidly disappearing.

I really hope that this is our last hard freeze. I am so over the cold and Winter needs to go away. I need warmth, open windows and soft breezes. Flowers and green leaves and birdies singing. I crave digging in rich, warm earth and baby flower plants and cool, fresh water running coolly over my bare feet. Miracle Gro and gardening gloves. :D

I have housework to get done... My bathroom asks for a scrubbing, my broadloom wants to be vacuumed and dusting is waiting. My dishwasher is full of clean dishes that need to be slotted into their rightful spots and floors are ready for sweeping. Oh, and the litter box needs to be scooped.

But I think I will finish watching The Biggest Loser, first.


  1. A tv show about me???? LOLOL (Ok, secretly, I admit I feel like a big old loser.) Anyway, I'm with you on the being ready for spring. Not summer though; I'd take winter over summer any day. Too hot and humid here for me! Hope you have a great day, friend!

  2. I would like Spring a lot better if it wasn't severe weather season. The hail can be really rough on tender, young plants. High winds aren't to good either.

  3. You live in Tornado Alley so I imagine that this time of year can be hairy for you. Here is hoping for no whirlwinds.

  4. Well, if we do have whirlwinds at least plenty of warning so we have time to find a fraidy hole.


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