Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday, 4th March 2010

Do we say, Two Thousand Ten or Twenty-Ten?

Does it matter?

Does anyone really give a flying leap at a rolling doughnut?

(Mmmm... Doughnuts... Arrrrggh! *slobber* Sorry. Had a Homer Simpson moment, there.

It was cooler, today. Big fluffy white and grey clouds came in on the wind and covered the big, blue bowl of sky. I wonder if we are in for some of that storm that recently hit Northern California. I wouldn't mind some rain falling here. A dark, dark cloudy day, the wind howling and the rain pounding down. Colour me happy.

I had a couple of good days, calorie wise. And attitude wise, too. It wasn't too difficult to stay on track and do my thing. I am shooting for another good day, tomorrow.

I need to bite the bullet and buy a scale. I don't own one. My last scale died a terrible death one day when I was cleaning my bathroom. I stepped back out of the tub after drying down the shower walls and landed heavily on the edge of the part where you stand. It just compressed, smashed and I couldn't fix it. So, I have been scale free for over a year. Not such a good thing. Tho I have a pretty good idea where I stand. And that isn't pretty. Not by a long shot. I totally fear stepping on it for the first time in so long. I just know it is going to be bad.
I have the scale I want picked out. I just need to put together a few clams and order it. I think payday, next week. *sigh* Best to know. Don't really want to. But it is best.

I think that I will make chicken packets for dinner, tomorrow. I haven't made them for a while. They are yummy and healthy. I will put just potatoes in husband's. And I have all kinds of lovely veg, including some beautiful asparagus for son and myself.

Eating better and hydrating well is beginning to pay off in my feeling a little better and loosing some puff. My wrists and feet are no longer swollen and puffy. My ankles still puff but not as much. And I have a little more energy and I don't feel sick and bleargh! all the time.

Did you know that Sara Lee makes 130 calorie bagels? They do. And they are pretty good. They definitely taste like a "light bread" type of product but they do have some of the lovely chewiness of a "real" bagel. And they are a nice size. A perfect portion without being one of those big honking things you find in a grocery store bakery or the teeny-tiny quarter sized minis that are hardly more than a bite or two. One toasted and sprayed with a little I Can't Believe it's Not Butter spray and some Progresso light soup make a nice dinner.

Wow! Typo city.

Son started up the washing machine for me. What a sweet guy. Photobucket

I just saw a litter box on TV that I am going to have to go to Petsmart and check out. It has a dome cover and a ramp that has waves in it and catch the litter on the cat's paws as it exits the box. That would rock. I love my kitteh but the litter all over my laundry room floor because of his paws drives me a little insane. It isn't lovely to walk into my laundry room in bare feet and step in litter scattered on my floor. I have to sweep at least three times a day and still can't keep up with it as well as I would like.

I finally plucked my brows. They were pretty bad. And it hurt and I was pissed at myself for letting them go as long as I did. They didn't get as bad as they do sometimes but I still had a fair amount of deforestation to do.

It's also about time for a fresh mani. My nails are showing wear around the edges... You know that worn, almost lifted and eroded look polish can get? Mine are starting to look like that. And I think that my polish is going to start peeling off my right ring finger from the side. Boy, would it ever be nice to have my mani last a few more days than it does.


  1. HEHEHE, we say "O-ten" at work. Used to be "O-9" so why not?

  2. We have a domed litterbox like that; it is nice (contains odors a wee bit better too. Good for you on doing well with your diet. Would that I could do the same. I love your dark and stormy thoughts; always mirror my own. Sending you hugs and some oomph wished for another great eating day!

  3. 0-Ten works, too. :D

    Thank you, Sherry. *hug* Your encouragement means the world to me.

  4. I always say o-Ten. I'm glad you're doing so well on your diet and feeling good.

  5. Hi SM! Thank you so much, sweetie. :D


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