Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Move It, Woman! :D

Today is off to a good start. It is a lovely day, sunny and even a little warmer than yesterday. I got the old caboose off the sofa and did 45 minutes of hard walking/marching in place. Got my heart rate up, broke a sweat and felt great when I was done. So, the moving has begun. Now I need to continue. I always see a lovely uptick in my weight loss rate when I exercise. It really does work.

So, why haven't I continued? Kept it up and made it to goal. Ah... That, my friend is the million dollar question. I still seek the answer. Am hoping that perhaps I might find it, this time. I can only continue, try and see where it leads me.

To a healthier life, I hope. :D

Geeze. So much to learn. And so many repeated lessons. You'd think I would get it after so long. lolol


  1. If you can find a few activities that you really enjoy, exercise can be a lot more amusing. No offense really, but marching in place doesn't sound like a barrel of fun. Have you tried any workout dvd's, maybe something with fun music and good cues? Once you see consistent results, it really does motivate you to do more.

  2. No, it isn't a lot of fun. lol But it isn't too bad if I am watching the tube, at the same time.

    I do want to get some DVDs and will, when I can move better. I need ones that are easy to follow... I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet. I can't follow choreography to save my life. lol

  3. Take a look at "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansome (DVD). It's a pretty easy program, basically walking in place, but getting a little more exercise in than just that. It's a good workout if you're not used to walking alot. I really like her program and for the life of me cannot figure out why I don't start using it again!

  4. I had one of her VHS tapes years ago and liked it. I should get some DVDs. :D

  5. I hope you can keep it up. I used to walk on a treadmill in front of the TV. I get enough exercise at work now.

  6. I have to ask how you can walk in place? (Not being funny, truly. Is it possible to do? I can see the marching in place...) I am so proud of you and your perseverence. My goodness, but I could use some of your drive. Come stay with me for awhile. I'll take you to a Cubs game if you come...


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