Saturday, March 27, 2010

Up to My Eyes

Busy, today. Every time I try to settle in for a little blog love or surfing, I have to do a pile of updates, laundry needs attention, the dog has to go out, Husband has something to talk about, housework needs doing, hair has to be trimmed, shower has to be taken.

*deep inhale*

I think that things have calmed down a little, now. lol

Hair... Chopped three and a half inches of really damaged, previously hennaed hair off. I nearly died, hearing the scissors slicing through my tresses. But it had to go. Growing my hair knowing that it just had to be chopped as fast as it grew was demoralising and I was done with babying it through the endless grow/trim process. It is still below my shoulders but it feels so. Short. And it feels so much better. Now I can just let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. Yep... I am one of those long hair people. Having such short hair for the last couple of years has been really, really hard for me. I want my long hair back. And now, I can just let it grow. :D :D

Today is going well, as far as eating is concerned. I am not overly hungry, today. I had coffee and oatmeal with fruit for brekkie and I just ate a counted serving of mini pretzels. I need to have some lunch, sometime this afternoon. I am feeling a tad shaky and in need of nourishment. I'll get it it in a bit.

Yesterday was good. I landed at 1400 calories for the day. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. :D

My head is still, my mind is calm my thoughts are quiet. I feel in control and level, today. I am aware that I need to have something to eat but I don't feel as if I have to run to my kitchen and stuff my face. I can eat whenever. And I will be fine. I am fine.

What a concept. :D

We are expecting our new dining table and chairs to be delivered shortly. It will be nice to have a nice wood table and four sturdy, new chairs. I was a little bit over using a patio table (that had to be kept forever covered by a tablecloth) and three wobbly, touch them and the backs fall off chairs with cat hair covered butt pads. My cat isn't going to be happy about it... He liked sleeping on those chair seat pads. I am just as happy to get rid of them. I could never get them as clean and hair free as I wanted to. And if I can't clean something to my satisfaction, I am very likely to give it the old heave ho.

I did some updates on my 'puter, today. Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Yahoo Toolbar. HP wants me to download some software updates, too but I fear that one and am putting it off. Sometimes I really hate being a computer idiot. lol My puter still needs to be reformatted. But it will have to wait until we can get someone who knows what they are doing to do the job. No way am I even going to attempt that trick.

My head is bad. I am sound sensitive today and miserable. I can haz new head now, plz?

I chipped the polish on my left middle finger and thought I had repaired it. Now that spot is chipped, again. *sigh* Guess it's time to re do my nails. Maybe I'll do them after the furniture comes.


  1. At least you have a husband that wants to talk to you. My husband is quieter than I am and apparently has selective hearing and memory where I am concerned. I'm about to clam up entirely around here. It is frustrating to have to repeat myself at least once and usually more often than that. Yet the ahole can hear me when I whisper a not so nice derogatory name about him from three rooms away. Selective hearing indeed. I'm about over the marriage concept. Now if only I were independently wealthy.

    Hoping your Sunday is headache free and that you can truly enjoy that new furniture!


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