Friday, March 12, 2010

Slaving Over a Hot Stove...

Well, not really.

Dinner tonight is disgustingly easy. Just my speed. :D I tossed a couple of thin sirloins on my Foreman grill, put a few washed and poked potatoes in my micro to quick bake and opened a bag of ready made salad and dumped it into a bowl, washed a few grape tomatoes and put them in on top. Dinner prepared. :D

I am so devoted and talented, aren't I? Muahahaha!

After days of clouds and snow it was clear and sunny and a little warmer today and only a tiny bit of snow remains in deeply shaded spots.

Well, today was tax prep day. I am so pissed. WE OWE!!!! Almost eleven hundred dollars! We barely scrape by. We rent. We drive old cars that we own outright. We don't go on vacations or buy tons of new clothes or eat at fancy restaurants. (Dinner out for us is sandwiches from Subway.) We are a one income household and did I mention that we scrape by? And WE OWE!!!! That is dirty! *I will not go off on a rant about the inequity of the tax system in this country. I will not go off on a rant about the inequity of the tax system in this country...*

Thankfully, we have the money put away. But that is money I really wanted to do something else with. Not get a cashier's cheque and send it off to the IRfuckingS.

I think I am going to go cry, now. lol

In happier news...

I am staying on track fairly well. Some days are great, some a little less so. But no major binging or feeding frenzies. (A real breakthrough for me. I am an epic binger. Remind me to tell you about it, some day.) I am feeling pretty even keeled and positive, at present. So, yeah. :D

I still need to get a scale. I really should know my numbers. Tho I admit that living in fantasy land has it's perks... lol I do know that weight is coming off. My boobs are smaller. A really good thing, let me tell ya. I have a rack that makes Dolly Parton look as if she got steam rolled. So, any smallage of the boobage makes me a happier girl. My body feels smaller and I am seeing shrinkage in the gut and legs and ass. And it feels smaller and "squishier" again.

But I really should get that scale.

And step on it.

And face my demon.

And send it's raggedy ass back to where it belongs.



  1. My but we are in a mood, aren't we? LOLOL Your tale of IRS woes is why we always file 0 single on our W-4s. We always end up with money back. Last year I owed the state though and I honestly think I mistakenly doubled our income. Of course, I can't get Michael to get on the stick with checking and filing an amended return. That would be $250 in the pocket and we could use it!

    Great job on the shrinkage! You go, girl!! I must say that I cannot remember the last time we had steak! Mmmmmm...Pavlov's dogs have nothing on me!

  2. I was in a mood... A bad one. lol


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