Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Ugly Lives

I decided to leave the ugly intact for the day as I have delicate nails and too much mani action can be pretty hard on them. I'll likely change it out tomorrow.

That doesn't mean that I like it. lolol

I had a pretty good day, food wise. I am right at 1500 calories for the day and I don't foresee doing any more chomping. The binge urge was a bit of a problem, today but I held out against it. Hopefully, I can be equally successful, tomorrow.

I am still afraid to get on my scale. I know that it is going to be ugly. And I know that I have to face the truth. I am just... It is just easier living in denial. Just get me a barge and call me Cleo.


  1. Cleo had a cool barge, at least in the movie she did.

  2. You know I didn't even think that manicure was particularly ugly. I don't even like pink and it looked okay to me.

  3. Love the Cleo comment, my friend. Now...a thought about the calories, etc. You know I am a rabid fan of McD's, always have been. Yes, you'd never guess I was 50 by my food preferences. Anyway, could you not indulge a bit in something that you really love if you include it in your counts for the day? A bit much in one spot, take away from another. It definitely got me through the ravages of dieting. I actually kept spreadsheets!

  4. I don't know how you feel about Dr. Oz, but he had a segment on his show a while back about the scale. He said that sometimes people are better off without the scale. His advice was that if you feel that you are compulsively weighing yourself, that could be a bad thing. I know you said you are in denial, but maybe you will just do better without weighing yourself and gauging your success by other mean.

  5. Good job holding out against the binge...

  6. Karen, I don't know much about Dr. Oz. He is on TV, isn't he? I have the opposite problem. I don't want to get on my scale. lolol But I know that I need to, once in a while. I do need to know where I am, how I am progressing. It is just making myself actually step on the dratted thing. lol (I did it, this morning. Yikes! lol)

    Thank you so much for your support, Lisa! It means so much to me. *hug*

    Leafy One, I am really good at calorie budgeting. I know what just about anything costs and how to shift and work just about anything I want into that budget. Hell, after all these years, it is good to be good at something. lol

    Lady, it is bad, trust me. Think Pepto Bismol topped with glitter. lol

    Schnauzer Mom, it would be cool to have a great barge. Party on the river! :D


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