Monday, March 15, 2010

Under 1000

Yesterday. Just barely. lol

I got a good bit of those calories for and after dinner. I know... Not ideal but still better than eating my stupid head off all day long.

Dinner was a pile of fresh steamed asparagus, a piece of baked chicken and an avocado. Yes, the whole avocado. 345 calories and worth every damned one of them. Sometimes, you just have to have something so exquisitely delicious. And, since I could afford them, I went for it.

And the fat in avocado is good for me.


The fat is good for me.

That's my story and I am sticking with it. lol

I got a little exercise yesterday, too. Shopping and be bopping across parking lots got me out to walk a bit. :D

And any exercise is good exercise.

I have stuff to get done and I have to get ready to go out later... Have tax forms to sign. And I don't mind getting out of this stupid house, either.

Brekkie this morning was two cups of coffee and a container of yoghurt and 3/4 cup of Special K granola. I am happily full and ready to start my day.



  1. Today sounds like it is starting out on a fabulous foot, my friend. Keep up the good work. Please do pass on some of that energy and good cheer my way. Having a blue one myself today.

  2. Hey give me some of that energy. I understand what you mean about something you like being worth it. I make pineapple delight this weekend and ate two bowlfuls. It is sugar free though, but two bowlfuls. Also I love your blog and your puppy.

  3. Sherry, I am sending it your way!!! Today is going pretty well, thanks. I am grateful for that. :D :D

    Hi Debbie. :D I am so happy that you have popped in and decided to join in. :D

    I can send some to you, too. *beaming to Debbie* Pineapple Delight... Don't know what that is but it sounds good. I love pineapple. :D

    Thank you for your compliment about my blog and my dog. She is a sweetie. :D


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