Tuesday, March 9, 2010


"March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."

It is now in full roar.

Today it is cold. See your breath in the middle of the day cold.

Clouds move in and wind slashes and snow pounds down.

Then the clouds break, the sky is brilliantly blue, the sun warms the Earth and the snow begins to melt. The wind calms and it feels as if it is over.

Then the winds pick up and the clouds cover the great, blue bowl of sky and the snow begins to fall, once more.

By Friday it is supposed to be nearly seventy. I think that our local weather needs medication.

I ate like an idiot, yesterday. My caloric intake brushed the 2000 range. It is about 800, already for today. But I am under control. I nearly lost it, earlier. I was in the kitchen, a box of Red Baron pizza slices on my counter, the directions being read. I was all ready to heat those suckers up and inhale them.

Saved by the bowels. Yes, I know. It is actually saved by the bell. And yes, I know... Gross... I had to run to the bathroom. By the time I was out, sanity prevailed and I stuck both huge slices of heat and eat (oh, yeah. I was going to glom both slices. I am just that much of a pig.) pizza back in their box and stuck it back in the freezer. I washed and hulled some strawberries and dumped a little pile of Truvia next to them and had a sweet, cool little nosh, instead. Much healthier and I think I wanted a little something sweet, rather than a lot of fat and salt and calories.

My manicure survives. Sorta. I think I can get another day out of it. Which is good, since I am full on lazy hag mode and don't feel like doing my nails, at this moment. And I can't decide what colour I want, anyway.

Lazy hag mode developed from sleeping until almost eleven, this morning. Yipes. Sleep in much? I mean, I am usually up and done with everything by then. I feel like a guilty sloth when I sleep late. And to me, sleeping late means any time past eight.

I received my tin (huge tin! lol) of German Nivea creme from Smallflower, yesterday. Lovely stuff. It is better, for my skin than the Mexican version. And my skin feels like velvet, today. It felt nice with the other version but it is even better with the German. Imagine that... The same brand but formulated just differently enough that it actually works differently.

Now, how the hell did I manage to do that? Post this entry? I certainly didn't want to... I was just hitting the enter key so that I could make a paragraph break and... Bam! Posted.


Whatever. I can finish this in Edit. How fabulous is it that the Edit function exists? It makes me oh, so, very happy.

I am cold. I think I may make some coffee and fire up my fireplace.

I love my fireplace.

I hope that you are having a lovely day and are warm enough. <3


  1. You are one of the least slothful people I know, darlin'! Enjoy a day to sleep in; you deserve it.

  2. I just feel guilty when I do. lol

  3. I would sleep late on my day off if Sassy would let me. She climbs up on top of me and sniffs my face.


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