Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mini Polish Haul :D And My Cuuute Kitteh

We were out and about, earlier and I ran a couple of errands. One was to Sally where I picked up a bottle of acetone for cleaning up my manicures. It was on sale and I got a 16 ounce bottle. Should keep me supplied for a while. :D I also grabbed a couple of bottles of China Glaze polish, while I was there. I wanted to get For Audry (loooove that colour!) but all of the bottles looked awful, all separated and just... Nasty looking. So I passed on that shade. I'll pick it up online. I looked at Orly but all they had were pinks, sheers and buffs. Not that I have anything against those shades, in fact I love them. But I have worn subtle polish all my life. And I am enjoying brighter, more daring colours, right now. :D

Then on to Wal Mart or Hell Mart as a friend likes to call it. I got a bag of brushes, a few of which I think will work for clean up. I tested them and my acetone didn't eat the bristles so, we'll see how they work, next mani. If I don't like them, I will pop into Joanne for natural hair filbert brushes. :D I also picked up things like glue sticks, a hamper that was on clearance, a wire shelf for my laundry room, snacks for Husband and Son, Kleenex for my allergic nose, body wash and so forth.

And of course... Nail polish. :D Pure Ice brand. It was in cure, little square bottles and was only two dollars a bottle so I snagged four. Three glitters and a shimmer. I think that the glitters will be pretty over other colours. I looked at the Nicole by OPI but at seven clams a bottle, I had to pass, this trip. I had already spent a little more than I really wanted to. Isn't that always the way? lol

So, here are my new fingertip pretties:

From left to right: Pure Ice Don't You Wish, Spitfire, All Night Long (a new shade) and Once Again (also a new shade). And China Glaze Lubu Heels and Frostbite. I finally have Lubu Heels. I have been lusting after that polish since I first saw it. :D

And, just because he is so darned cute, a couple of shots of my cat, Marley. The face pic is an extremely cropped closeup on his face. I like how it came out softened and slightly pixelated.

And from a little further away. He was rolling in and out of a bar of sunshine coming in through my bedroom window. :D

I have decided not to use Husband and Son's names. Both would rather I not do so and I am going to respect that. They may change their minds at a later date. I will capitalize them, as they are now their names for the purpose of this blog. :D
Eating is going well, today. In fact, I need to get some calories into me. All I have had were a couple of cups of coffee, a yoghurt, a third of an orange and a glass of light juice. Time for a nice, filling, protein packed, nutritious dinner. I am thinking a piece of chicken left over from last night, some asparagus steamed and I have an avocado at just the right moment of ripeness. Om nom nom nom. :D


  1. Gosh! I need to know Marley's secrets! A close cropped view of my face would not be pretty a'tall. Love the nails polishes and look forward to seeing your next manicure! Great going on the watching of the intake yesterday! May today be another great day for you!

  2. I love China Glaze too and, of course, OPI. I own a few colors, but not many. I go for a mani/pedi every Wednesday (this week Tuesday..yay) so I change colors pretty often.
    I'll definitely look for Lubu Heels looks awesome. :)

    Isn't it cool how well-manicured hands and feet can make us feel so pretty? ;)

  3. Hi Sherry. :D New one, today. :D

    Kenz, a fresh mani can really brighten my day. :D Lubu Heels is awesome.


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