Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rain is Heaven

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love the rain. And low, dark grey clouds. The darker the day, the better.

Today is one such day. It is heavily overcast and raining. I can hear the rain falling on my roof, landing on my balcony and running through my gutters and downspout. How heavenly.

I am sitting here trying to think of things to type... I have ideas for days running through my head when I am away from my computer. I compose draft after draft in my head but when I actually get my laptop on my lap and start to blog, my poor little brain is empty and I can't recall a single thought that I had earlier. It is so stupid and frustrating. Maybe I need to keep a notebook at hand and jot down notes from which I can compose entries.

My cat is full of piss and vinegar, right now. He is pin-balling madly around the house, running from room to room, jumping up in windowsills, looking out for a moment, jumping down and bolting down the hall. Little nut. It's how he gets his exercise. lol

I had a really good day of eating, yesterday. On track and just over 1200 in calories. I am happy with that. Today is also starting well. :)

I think that weight is coming off. My body feels smaller. It is beginning to have that "loose squishy smaller" feel that it gets when weight is coming off. I am feeling more energy and getting around is getting a little easier, too. All good things, methinks. :D

Cat doesn't like salsa. He he. I had a boiled egg, boiled egg white and some salsa and a toasted 130 calorie bagel for brekkie and my plate is sitting here on my little table beside me. (Yes, I am being lazy and haven't put my plate in the kitchen yet. Shocking, but true. lol) Marley jumped up next to me and bobbed his little beak over my plate and tasted the salsa. I think he has decided that taste was all he wanted. I do admire him for being adventurous enough to try it. lol

Husband is eating salad and sharing it with the dog. Have I ever mentioned that my dog likes veggies? She adores lettuce and salad, begs for asparagus stems and broccoli and cauliflower, noms bell peppers and will knock you down to get to watermelon and cantaloupe. Yes, my dog is a weirdo.

Spring training has begun. Wonder how the Cubbies are going to do, this year. they won their first couple of games, then they played the White Sox the other day and got their asses handed to them. As usual when they play the Sox. Sad. Truly sad. I wonder how long it will be until "Sweet" Lou Piniella is sitting in the dark in the dugout, unshaven and depressed. If any team can do it to him, the Cubbies can. They are just as powerful as the Rays at breaking the spirits of any manager crazy enough to take them on. lol

*sigh* I have to pee.

Too much coffee.

Can one ever get too much coffee?

I don't think so...

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  1. We had a really nice rain here today. Even a couple of thunderstorms. Sassy likes to run wildly through the house too.


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