Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Good Day

Well, another successful eating day in the books. And I have set a personal record. Thirteen days binge and feeding frenzy free. Just good, solid, on track healthy eating.

They say that if you do something consistently for thirty days it becomes a habit. This is a habit that I could really learn to live with.

Calories for today were: 1530.

I need to go back through my blog and see when I last weighed. I think it may be close to a month ago.

Urgh! I so don't want to get on that damned scale. I dread it so much. I know that it will give me good news... I can feel and see the difference but I still dread and fear it. I think about bringing it into my bathroom, initializing it and stepping on and I start to shake, my brain closes down and I just want to run and hide in a cave, somewhere.

I am such a weirdo drama queen idiot. lol


  1. Then if you do not want to get on the scales do not do it. Anything you do not feel happy about just miss out for the time being. If you feel good and look good the other way would be to take a new pic and post it here so that we your friends can give you some positive feedback. Seems to be since I started to follow you that you ar doing amazing. Bet you are indeed looking great

  2. Says my comment was published but I cannot see it

  3. If you hate the scales, how about making the switch to a measuring tape? You measure everything (upper arms, wrists, bust, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves) once a month or so. You'll know straight away if you're on the right track, without the dreaded number on the scale staring back at you! Plus, it's fun to add up all your inches each month to see how many you've lost overall. :)

  4. You are well on your way to developing a good habit. It won't be long and getting on the scale won't be so scary.

  5. Hugs, all of you. :D

    I am telling myself that the world won't end and that it is going to be okay. I'll get to it, one day. One day I will just grab that bad boy and get to it. Then I can forget about it for a while, again. lol

  6. You make me laugh, my friend. Though admittedly I also feel your pain...


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