Saturday, April 24, 2010

Current Mani: Red and Gold Scintillation

Hi everyone. :D

I have a new mani to show, today. My black and flakie mani was chipping so I decided to change it out. I chose a combination of Sinful Colors Go-Go Girl and China Glaze Golden Enchantment. Woo hoo! Talk about sparkle plenty. The Sinful is a pretty red that I have worn and shown, before. Golden Enchantment is a clear jelly packed with micro glitter that in the shade looks like gold dust sprinkled over my nails. Then the sun hits it and it just goes crazy. Dancing, scintillating light and colour. Firing gold, red, yellow, pink, orange. Golly, I love this polish. :D


Sinful Colors Go-Go Girl. Three coats. If I were wearing this alone, I would have to have applied a fourth coat.

Topped with two coats of China Glaze Golden Enchantment. This is sooo pretty. :D Now I have to get Fairy Dust. Golden Enchantment's silver sister.

More Sparkly goodness. :D

Can you see all of the colours? As usual, this stuff is really hard to photograph in a manner that does it justice.

Obligatory annoying blurry pic to show the sparkle a little better.

I like this and I will definitely do it, again. I really want to try Golden Enchantment on other colours. Like blue. And pink. An green and... And... :D


  1. I have never been very feminine and never really thought about my nails but the pictures you have on here have made me want to try it!

  2. Go for it. :D

    There are a bunch of wonderful polish blogs on my blogroll, if you want even more inspiration and enabling. :D


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