Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrap Me, Amadeus and Mani of the Day

A good Sunday to everyone. I hope that you are all having a terrific, happy and on track day. :D I have a busy day ahead of me today and I knew that I needed a good, satisfying and protein packed brekkie so I made a yummy wrap with egg and fat free cheddar. They actually make fat free cheese that tastes decent and that melts!!!! now! How frakkin fabulous is that? I looooooooooooooooooove cheese. Seriously looooooooooove it. Now, I can enjoy and not feel as if I am undoing all of my hard work. :D :D :D I am working on refining my recipe for this wrap. It comes in a little higher in calories than I really like, this one was 344. Not awful, by any means, but I think that I can use Egg Beaters, rather than a whole egg and two whites (I am a protein hound!) and I would like to try adding more veg and maybe some Morningstar "sausage-y" crumbles.

When I hit on a good recipe, I will post it. If you want the recipe for this morning's creation, leave me a comment and I will detail it in a future post. :D

Eggy Brekkie Wrap. It was tasty, but I think I can do better. :D

Current mani is OPI I'm India Mood for Love. Such a lovely, cool, bright blue based intense pink. For some strange reason this polish photographs a softer, lighter carnation pink in either natural light or flash. I like this polish a lot and use it fairly frequently. It got really thick, since the last time I wore it and it was a real pain to apply, last night. I had to do three coats for opacity and it was a lot of work to get it smooth and nice. Seche really helped. I thinned it after I used it so hopefully, it will perform better, next time I use it.
This morning I added decals. :D A bad experience taught me that Seche right over decals spells disaster. Seche makes them lift and wrinkle, as if they are in agony. lol So, now I top decals directly with Out the Door top coat. I don't particularly like it for regular use but it does work well to seal down decals.
Pics are out of order. I forgot to reverse the upload to post order and I am so not going to re do this post to reverse the picture order. lol So without further ado, my mani:
I'm India Mood for Love, natural sunlight through my window with little decals. :D

Taken indoors, no flash, natural light. This photographs so much lighter than it is in person.

Taken last night, with flash.
I must have wrenched my back yesterday. I was in pain when I went to bed, last night. My lower back was wracked. I took Advil, which usually works just fine and woke at three in the morning after tossing, turning and sleeping fitfully. I hurt so badly that I got up and took one of the Vicodin that Husband had been prescribed when he had a kidney stone, last year. Yes, I know that using someone Else's prescription is not smart. That it can be dangerous and I don't like to take narcotics, if I don't absolutely have to. However, I was hurting terribly, I couldn't sleep and I felt as if I had little choice. And, I have taken Vicodin before, at the same dosage so I know that I react okay to it. I took one and it finally kicked in, took away my pain and knocked me cold and I got four solid hours of sleep.
I am a little sleepy today but I should sleep very well, tonight. I'll go to bed with a couple of Advil PM and should get a good solid night's sleep.
Okay... 'Nuff whining. I need to get into the shower and get myself ready. Husband and Son will be back later and we are all going out. It is a nice day, warm and sunny with a little light overcast and some wind. :D I'll see you all later.
Have a good one. :D


  1. I love your manicure, I'm lucky if I can get the stuff on straight.
    The only thing that ever works for me when i am in pain is aleve...although I think vicodin might
    hope it feels better tomorrow.

  2. The Pookster was off yesterday? Yippee! Hope the three of you had a most fabulous family day out and about! The manicure is gorgeous and I love the color! Your breakfast looks quite delicious, I must say. I'm moving towards yogurt for breakfast. Activia the last couple of days (and please let their claims be spot on!). Today I AM starting to diet with you.

  3. P. S. Where does 'Amadeus' come in?

  4. "Rock Me Amadeus". Just shows how my strange brain works. :P

    Go, Sherry!

    I have never tried Aleve. Advil did the job for me, last night. :D

  5. I can't take Aleve, it tears up my stomach. Love the manicure, that's a gorgeous color. Breakfast does look really tasty.


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