Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Windy Wednesday

It was cold and windy again, today. So much so that I decided not to walk. I did an in home walking workout, instead. I did forty minutes of moderate low impact cardio. Added a little work with light weights, too. I'm a little sore tonight but not too badly. I do think that I might take a couple of Advil PM when I go to bed, tho. lol

I did well with food, 1327 calories for the day. I'll take it. :D

I had a few dicey moments, in kitchen doing other things like unloading my dishwasher or sweeping or something and I swear I could hear that frakkin' bag of potato chips speaking to me. I felt a pull to the pantry. "Just a few! No one will know. Just a few can't hurt." Damn! I hate that. The thoughts that can be so destructive swirling through my head. Lying to me. Luring me to behaviours I really don't want to keep doing.

Today, when the pull hit, when the whispers flitted through my mind, when my mouth began watering, getting ready for the fatty, potato, salty hit, I turned and left the kitchen. And a couple of minutes later, it was over.

The craving had passed. The whispers quiet, my taste buds still. And I haven't felt the need, for the rest of the day.


Control feels good.

So does knowing that if I can pull away, the need doesn't last all that long. Hell, I can stand almost anything for a few minutes.

I gave birth.

I have stayed married through better and a whole shit load of worse for over twenty one years.

Surely a little bag of potato chips won't win.

It didn't, today.

I sat in here this evening and worked for a long time on a French manicure. I didn't use guide tapes and my white edges were a bit uneven, so I used pretty stick on decals to decorate my nails and call attention away from my less then stellar tip job. (Why does that sound dirty? *evil grin*) My nails looked so pretty. Then I added a coat of Seche. And my decals lifted under the Seche and wrinkled up and ended up a big old mess.

So, all that work. All that time and all that pretty, down the drain. I had to clean it all off and I am so ticked and tired of messing with them so I just slicked a coat of base coat. I'll do a new mani, tomorrow.

*sigh* So disappointed.

I'll live.


  1. I did my hair in victory rolls earlier today...(I know, it's not the forties..but hair is my new thing)...I chickened out and took it down after forty minutes of hard work...
    Good on you for getting your starting pics up. That's what they are. They aren't you, they are a picture of where you started....the new you is in there, just waiting to be set free. Each day you control yourself in just the manner described above gives you confidence in your next day, in your next battle...your doing great.

  2. I do not know how I came over your blog today but here I am I did. I find myself reading about self control when I have just finished writing my own blog about sayiing and doing talk about conicidence. If it is ok with you i will join your journey and I hope you find it a support. Well done you a brave and joyful person

  3. Hah! I think Ralph found you via me! He is quite a supportive gent and I think you will greatly enjoy his visits! The mani fiasco? Sigh...frustrating!!

  4. That is excellent that you waited out the urge, and saw it dissipate. That is so true... they only last a little while, then pass. I had to laugh when you said... you can endure anything for a few minutes... you gave birth! LOL!!!

    Yes, you're doing fine.

  5. That's great! I think you will succeed!

  6. Cmoursler, victory rolls sound so pretty. You should totally wear them! :D

    Hi Ralph, welcome. :D

    I think so, Sherry. :) Yeah... The mani. I did a new one. :D

    Hey, Rettakat. Thanks. :D

    Hi SM, thank you for your support. *heart*


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