Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Hey, everyone. :D

Yesterday I did very well. My calories were a tad low and I was feeling peckish, last night so I treated myself to a handful of dry roasted peanuts. Golly, I love those things. And, I used to grab the jar and just eat and eat them until they were gone and I was ready to hurl. From this jar I picked two or three nuts, every few days and last night I ate an actual handful. I am really tickled at how well I have handled the presence of that jar of nuts in my house.

Ya want to know something? It wasn't difficult. Before recently, I would have been in a frenzy over those stupid peanuts. I would have been obsessing over them... Thinking of them... Lusting after them. Desperate to get my hands on them and then inhaling them and feeling sick, stupid and guilty afterward. Now, they are just there. If I want a couple, I will pick them out and eat them. If not, I don't. And if I want a portion, I measure them out, record my calories and enjoy them. I don't think about them, obsess or lust after them.

Is that what it feels like to be "normal" about treats lurking in the pantry? If it is, I can live with it.

For sure. :D

Calories for yesterday came in at a very nice 1310.

Today is a lovely sunny day. It is supposed to get into the seventies and be breezy or windy. Tho it isn't windy, yet. Oh. Just looked outside, there is a breeze. It will probably pick up as the day goes on. We are under a wind advisory and are supposed to get gusts up to 50 MPH in the next couple of days. Woo hoo. I'll have to remember to bring in the hummer feeder. I don't need sugar water flying all over the place. lol

Speaking of hummer feeders, I am hoping to see hummers around the feeder, soon. We put it up, last evening so I imagine they need a chance to find it. As long as it doesn't become a bee magnet. I see bees, wasps or yellowjackets and that thing comes down. I can't have yellowjackets and wasps around, I don't do well when I am stung.

I am on track, today. Don't feel any anxiety or obsessive thoughts. I am not hungry or feeling as if I need to binge. All is well. :D

I need to do my nails.

Oh, if I suddenly disappear for a while, I haven't gone off the rails. It will be thanks to my computer. It is having some difficulties and needs to go see a 'puter doctor. Methinks it needs to be defragged and reformatted. And I need to have some superfluous programs removed and some additional memory installed. I wish I could do these things myself, but to be honest, I can just manage to do the things I can do. Getting into my 'puter's brain is not a thing I should even attempt. lol

Okay. I have to pee, go fold some laundry, unload my dishwasher and load the dirty dishes and then I can read my blogs and do my nails.

I'll catch all you loverly people, later. :D


  1. I love hummingbirds. I housesat recently and was memsmerized by the hummingbird highway they had going in their backyard.

  2. I love your blog today, I just had the computer doc out to work on my computer at work. I got a worm and he was a pesky little thing. Congrats on not eating all the nuts, I love nuts myself.

  3. You're getting there!!! That's great. I love hummingbirds. Hope your 'puter feels better soon.

  4. Sounds like the start to a great day, though I am off to see what got you so upset later! Hope the sun rises on a brighter day for you, my friend.


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