Sunday, April 18, 2010

Random Pet Pics to Experiment

Okay... Trying out the enhanced editor. It is supposed to let you put your pictures where you want, when you want and so forth. But I can't align my text left? Bah.

This is Sabryna, my dog. My Velcro baby. My sweet girl. My total pain in the bootay to photograph baby girl. lol

Too cool! I just popped a pic of my cat, Marley licking his chops (I meant to chose a different photo, but the thumbnails on my puter don't have faboo detail and I grabbed the wrong image.) But he is still incredibly cute, don't you think?

Next thing to conquer is making links that are words, not URLs. :D Methinks that word link has something to do with it. lol

What is a jump break?

And, if you Blogger goddesses and gods don't mind my asking, can I change my blog format to a three column minima and change my background without losing my content? I like the minima format but I think it is time to step up to three columns. I keep adding stuff to my sidebar and it is getting a little obnoxious to scroll through all of that shit. lol

I owe a big Thank You Girl! to Amy from In the Land of Cheese and Sunkist for the instructions to get to the enhanced features. :D :D


  1. Love the pet pics--they ARE adorable. And when you find out more about how to change the settings, please post an entry about it. I'm a noob. And clueless. :S

    Also BTW, your face looks just great whether hidden or not.

  2. nice pics...I have no idea how to do anything blog like...I just cut and paste. Good luck with changing your format.

  3. Your pets are adorable. I can't help you with the blog. I tend to do things by accident.

  4. Thanks you, gals. :D

    SM, that is how I discover many new things, too. lol I am so not a 'puter geek. I wish I were, tho. :D


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